Backseat Chronicles

Backseat Chronicles


A group of college kids from Philadelphia, PA looking to get a start and get their music out for everyone to hear, and inspire people the way their favorite bands inspired them.


"Backseat Chronicles" was started by Adam McCue and DJ Mark in 2012, while they were attending West Chester University. Meeting each other as freshmen in the fall of 2011, the two bonded over their love of music, and their similar tastes in music. Shortly after, the two began getting together and jamming to covers of some of their favorite bands. It was in Spring 2012 when they began to write their own music and decided to start a band (ironically the first song they wrote will probably never see the light of day). In the Summer, DJ brought in Matt Albert to play bass in the band. It wasn't until the three of them attended a concert in September that they got serious about the band, when a friend of DJ and Adam's who was interning at 93.3 WMMR pitched the band to MMR brass who were also at the concert, and told them to start writing music. It was then the three knew they had to start writing their own original material and start performing shows. Later that fall, they wrote their first two real songs, "Lights" and "Echoes", both staples in their first live performances. As 2013 rolled in, the band hoped for a promising year. In January, DJ brought in a friend from high school, Chris Khedoo, to play drums. While preparing for their first show in West Chester, Adam wrote a new song "Heroes" that the band quickly took to. This would be a song that Adam and DJ would play at local area Open Mics to promote the band. While preparing for more shows in March, Adam and DJ wrote "Universal", a song that DJ had written close to 2 years prior. Together, the band writes songs about many events and influences, usually pertaining to things that have happened to them that other people can relate to. As a group, they're just four college kids trying to get their music out there and inspire people just like their favorite bands inspired them.


"Live at the Trocadero" (EP)
"Echoes" (Live Single)

Set List

1. Heroes (original)
2. Take Me to the Tracks (original)
3. The Patient Ferris Wheel (cover of The Gaslight Anthem)
4. Universal (original)
5. Lights (original)
6. The Winds on Schellenger (original)
7. Big Days (original)
8. Standing Tall (original)
8. Echoes (original)