Backseat Virgins

Backseat Virgins


Two boys and two girls playing 50's and 60's Rock N Roll influenced love songs with a modern and punk sound.


The story begins in 2002 at an all age club in Anniston Alabama called 1213 Rock Shows.

I was playing bass in the Parasites but once Dave moved back north, it was time to focus attention on booking, boozing, and pizza delivery.

The lack of local talent was so bad at the time that I basically had to start my own band just to have enough locals to open up for the touring bands.
We were able to play on the same bill as Groovie Ghoulies, Mr T Experience, Teen Idols, Darlington, Squirtgun, Even in Blackouts, Pink Spiders, etc.. and didn't even have to leave town.

The band took a break in 2004, when 1213 closed it's doors and I moved to Birmingham to play bass for the mighty Model Citizen.
With an absence of a club to keep me completely stressed out and take years from my life, I decided it was time to reform BSV in the Magic City. I've been here for almost 3 years and I have yet to see this magic they speak of but anyways.

Actually the real reason I decided to start BSV up again was a girl singing along to Nikki and the Corvettes "Backseat Love" on acoustic at my apartment. Neeta was a friend of a friend and we hit it off immediately due to our love of vocal harmony. We played acoustic shows for most of 2005 and once we got enough vegetables thrown at our faces, we decided it was time return to the world of electric.

2006 started with a bang in January when BSV would return to Anniston for the first time in 2 years. We hit the stage and was in the process of kicking ass when disaster reared it's ugly head. To make a long story short, the show was stopped in the middle of our set and we were forced to get our equipment out in the rain. I trip on the stairs and the rest is history. Another break for BSV due to my broken back.

After the healing process, Neesie caught our set while she was in town visiting from Memphis. She mentioned that she played bass and loved the music so we gave her a shot. She worked out great and I switched over to guitar. I don't know what kind of brain disorder made this girl leave Sacramento for the southern states but I guess we lucked out.

Model Citizen wasn't playing much due to the Dexateens and Paul Wine Jones taking up most of Matt's time so I asked Mike to play drums for BSV. Mike has been playing drums since he was 4 and has been known for his undomesticated behavior in Birmingham ever since.

We recorded our first full length in October 2006 at Bushido Studios with pop punk madman, Tim Boiken, of Shame Idols and the Lolas.
"Born Again" will be available from Insubordination Records on March 1st 2007.

There will be an east coast tour in the summer and we are half way through writing our second album that will also be released on Insubordination Records.
-Rapid Randy


"Born Again" 13 track album on Insubordination Records (2007)

"Can't Take It" track on "Pop Punk's Not Dead" Compilation CD on Go Kart Records (2007).

Set List

1 Hour Set, All Originals

Can't Take It
You and Me
Beating Heart
Light Sleeper
Time For Fun
All Day Long
Lose That Dude
One Night
I'm Coming Over
Bye Bye My Darling
So You Say
Don't Get Married
Just Like You
Hang Around
Are you the girl I used to know?