Back to Blonde

Back to Blonde


Often torrential, yet frequently delicate, New York City’s own Back to Blonde reveal a genuinely youthful intensity within their uninhibited and innocently emotional music.


A veteran three-piece, Back to Blonde’s guitar driven indie-rock lies in an area somewhere between the crunching sounds of distortion and the desperate swoons of lead singer/guitarist, Joe Rogers. With Brooklyn native Pat Malone combining efforts with drummer Christian Linsey, the layered rhythms of the bass and drums offer a pedestal for the trio’s melodies to launch themselves into intimate, and often times dark areas of narrative introspection. True, their songs sometimes reach moments of clarity, but such epiphanies are quickly crushed beneath intense swells of volume and sonic upheaval. Ultimately, one is left to wonder what truth is left after the dust has cleared.

Back to Blonde's first full-length LP, "Swim West," (produced with Adam Lasus at Fireproof Studios) is already making noise in New York and nationwide. The first single, "Last Chance Oldsmobile" has been selected as a featured track on the 2005 Late Nite Binghamton Compilation CD ( Additionally, "Kites," "Last Chance Oldsmobile," and "Johnny Lowe (part 2)" are currently part of soundtracks to several exciting digital yearbooks created by Orlando based production company, Event Media Video LLC ( The Video Yearbooks will be previewed by thousands at high schools and theme parks in a nationwide summer tour that hits Chicago, Orlando, Cleveland, and Los Angeles.

Back to Blonde continues to tour the East Coast in support of "Swim West" with a strength and passion that generates new fans with each performance.


The Other Cheek

Written By: Back to Blonde

hit the other cheek
my failure’s complete
nowhere left to go
and the nothingness sleeps inside my soul

walls are falling down
images locked up safe and sound
drawing in the sand
but you never cried just like a man

And the wingless angels are alone
and the sinners all cast their stones
while the fires all around you have grown
and the pale white angels now cry for home...for home

numb within my head
but the nothingness is better than dead
strangers all around
they pass me by without a sound

kiss the other cheek
now your failure’s complete
all alone again
and your bruises now will never mend

Last Chance Oldsmobile

Written By: Back to Blonde

hitting 2 am
the road ahead holds no end
driving through the night,
they ride from town to town

he sits by her side
now, she’s too tired to be alone
and the road ahead they hope will lead to home

just go without a sound
and hope you’re never found

road splits through the woods
moonlight shining off the hood
dreams are lost for now, but with time be understood
he was blind last year but she’d never know

finds her hero as he guides her through the snow

just go without a sound
and hope you’re never found
cause time keeps rolling down
just hope we’re never found

Pretending Everything is Okay

Written By: Back to Blonde

stare your eyes down from me
they burn my skin off from the bone
breaking down into nothing
lost forever my way home
let me sleep myself to death
your words put holes in my mind
the silver dreams of rainy days
they help me kill the time

cause i’m dreaming of you
and all i ask is why...
and i stare into your face
but i cannot stand those i cannot stand those eyes

crush the oceans in my eyes
under pressure of the moon
you’re looking like a fuck-up now
you lost your spirit way too soon
sleeping like you lost the night
maybe you should help yourself
you’re breaking free with little pills
that help you fix yourself


well it’s all fine now you say to me
just break away now from the wretch
now open your eyes, the sun won’t burn
and we can figure out the rest


"Swim West" LP 2005
"Back to Blonde" (Joe Rogers Solo EP) 2004
"So Simple" EP 2002
"Greatest Hits" EP 2001

Set List

Typical set ranges from 40 to 60 minutes.
Back to Blonde can perform in a range of venues - from Full out rock show to small acoustic coffee house shows.