Backwards Moon

Backwards Moon


A jaunty gypsy jig performed to a daring midnight robbery . . . What you get when you throw storied lyrics and a batch of sparse yet expressive folk-punk instrumentation into a great big pop blender.


There's the music you hear everyday . . .

And then there's BACKWARDS MOON



Written By: john rowland

you take a walk
outside where nobody sees
back home to watch me bleed
it's no big loss
to count yourself amongst the dead
and eat the lies you've been force-fed

you tell me livin' is easy
when you only want to please me
i'm unconvinced that i've got a grasp
but i'm sure i'll figure it out along the way

this shadow haunts
my superstitious deeds
stealing every breath i breathe
like it or not
i'll remember what you said
the words you whispered in my head

they say the hardest part
is givin' up from the very start
throwin' caution to the wind
and with your eyes shut tight
i'm sure i'll come up for air someday again

or maybe i'll drown

when you get all you're lookin' for
you'll throw me sidelong out your door
you'll say baby i just wasn't sure
you've got a new man now and a diamond ring
he tells you you're his reason and he'll treat you like a queen

that's the plan

Written By: john rowland

out on the porch drinkin' lemonade
on the tenth of july
all alone when the news came
of your oldest son's demise

you didn't get a chance to listen did you?
they held your hand and took your breath away
he wrote a letter that he never sent you
and in the cold of the dark you read his empty words
he said mom, what on earth could i say?

to make this easy on you
to take this rotten news away
'cause you see i always knew
just exactly what you'd say

you'd say son i know exactly what you're thinkin'
you've got it in your head you're gonna be a man
you are mistaken if you think i'm sinkin'
you're out of luck if you think i'm givin' up on you
but in words stretched three feet tall

out on the street sellin' lemonade
with your grandson of five
selling your confections to the sweet parade
that slowly passes by

you won't let this get the best of you
you're much tougher than these bricks and stones
and with his tiny hands he points above you
and as the night sky lights
the passers by, they all scream
you feel so alone

things to hide in virginia

Written By: john rowland

she strolled by herself
to the riverside
with a box under her arms
full of things to hide
she said i'm gonna drown every single last one of you
before you get too big and i don't know what to do

it's been so long
since we've had a single drop of rain
it's been so long
and i think i've found someone to blame

at the edge of the bed
sits a candlestick
and a box of wooden matches
from her mom and dad
so by what little light she can find she writes a sentence through
it says who do i know that wants me too?

it's been so long
since we've had a single drop of rain
it's been so hard
tryin' to find a river deep enough
it's been so hard
grabbin' handfuls of the riverbank
to get the water runnin' off my face

walter hastings

Written By: john rowland

good night; sleep tight you heavy-handed martyrs
keep one eye open for thieves
these weathered hands have mouths to undress
and i only believe what i see

i could count the lonely stars in an old dented can
i could have a cigarette and a warm summer's bath

but sweetheart please keep both feet with me
i know that i'm askin' a lot
these cobblestone hands have had too much to drink
i thought you were someone you're not

i could count to thirty-three with both my eyes closed
i could have a cigarette to make my blood slow

that's what he wants
that's what he gets

five more times to satisfy the reasons
i won't ask the questions this time
these wood-splintered fingers feel cold to the bone
i picked a good place to let myself die

i could count the shooting stars in this miracle mile
i could have a cigarette

that's what he wants
that's what he gets

i could count the shooting starts in this miracle mile
i could have a cigarette


Real Eyes / Realize / Real Lies (2006) - LP

Set List

30+ minute original sets with notable covers including:

- golden (my morning jacket)
- once upon a time (smashing pumpkins)
- the man who told everything (the doves)
- john brown (bob dylan)