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"Totally Numb" EP 2009
It's treaming on our

Had airplay on triple j, Australia.



We think this review explains it all:

Having never of Backyard Surgeons before I recieved their latest EP, Totally Numb in the mail, I didn't really know what to expect. Thankfully, this Melbourne based band absolutely kicks arse.

Backyard Surgeons play a brand of fast, melodic punk rock similar to A Wilhelm Scream but with a slightly more mid-90's skate punk feel. (Think Pulley).

The first thing that really made me enjoy this EP is the fact that the band manage to fit a whole bunch of things into their music: lots of different riffs, lots of tempos and a level of technicality that doesn't border on wanky, unlike a lot bands. All the while, the music doesn't sound cluttered or rushed and has a lovely cohesiveness to it.

Sometimes band's with specific lyrical agendas can be preachy and over-the-top, thus making their message less effective and almost counter-intuitive. Excellently, Backyard Surgeons don't suffer from this, opting instead to sing about a general vibe of apathy for the things that humanity should actually give a shit about. Not ramming a specific ideology down my throat made me enjoy this record even more.

Sonically though, is where Totally Numb hits it's true stride. The album has struck a balance between rawness and production that suits me perfectly. It's not so raw that the trendy hessians will latch onto it and at the same time, it's polished enough for the general music listener to enjoy. Another notable sonic element is the mixing. Completed by David Carr (he recorded Antiskeptic, remember those dudes?), each instrument shines individually and there is never a sense of over-crowding in the music.

Don't you hate it when a bands's music is spot on, but the artwork is just horrible? (See: MxPx's last 3 albums). Once again, and thankfully (again), Backyard Surgeons have nailed it with the packaging. The cover portrays a young man nailing his feet to the ground whilst sitting comfortably in a chair. This fits in perfectly their lyrical and musical message.

All in all, a top release from a criminally unknown and unappreciated band. It's a shame that this EP will go under the radar of most music publications when so much tripe (See: Young Heretics), will generate massive amounts of hype. One of the top local releases of the year, hands down.

9.0 / 10.0