Bad Robot Jones

Bad Robot Jones

 Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

An imaginative singer/songwriter deeply rooted in the traditions of the blues, country & American roots music, backed up by an indie rock/neo-soul rhythm section. From ballads to blues romps, Parkman's songs seek out the source of our emotions. Whether it's elation or despair, no subject is sacred.


Zach Parkman, 35, is a singer/songwriter/guitarist based out of Athens, Ohio. Born in Houston, Texas, he was raised on the gulf coast, a stones throw from the fabled Brazos River. As a child Zach was involved in children's choir at church and took piano lessons, but it wasn't until discovering his parents old Beatles, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin records in adolescence that his love affair with music began to bloom. A self taught guitarist he started writing his own songs early on, mostly acoustic ditties that were inspired by James Taylor and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. He also began playing in local "garage punk" bands during high school, most of which never left the garage. After graduating from high school Zach moved to Austin, Texas and lived the life of a brooding, disenchanted, self-medicated bohemian, writing and performing songs amongst the "drag rats" and "gutter punks". In 1998-99 Zach recorded a collection of original songs that became his first demo/EP called The Continuing Monologue of an Amputee. The EP was a documentation of the end of an era.

In the summer of 2000, having gone through a divorce, a few landlords, several hospital visits and blown up two cars, Zach took a much needed sabbatical to East Texas. After trying his hand at carpentry, he landed a gig as the acoustic/rhythm guitarist for a contemporary christian band called Miracle Covenant. He spent the next year playing regular gigs, touring regionally and honing his chops. It was through this experience that Zach gained the confidence with his ability to perform with other musicians and to take himself seriously as a songwriter. Miracle Covenant was doing well too. They were on the verge of a large summer tour, were promoting their first studio album and being seen and heard on television and radio. Then three things happened: Zach was in a bad car accident, taking him off of the tour; Zach joined the Army in the summer of 2001; 911 happened. Zach still continued to perform as a solo act, write new music and do some minor recording, but it wouldn't be until 2006 that his music career would pick up again.

The winter of 2005-06 in Virginia was a wonderful change from the previous winter Zach had spent in the Middle East. After finishing his obligation to his country, Zach moved again, this time to Norfolk, Virginia to be with his new wife Kim. Making up for lost time, Zach started writing, recording and performing in the Hampton Roads area with a fervor. For the next 3 years he performed where ever he could get a gig, sometimes for free. He recorded new and old songs whenever he had the chance. By the time he moved to Athens, Ohio in 2008 Zach had become a regular player in the Hampton Roads music scene, performing several times a week at live venues across the seven cities, headlining his own shows, opening up for national touring acts, having his songs played on local radio stations as well as having an interview and live session showcased on WHRV 89.5 FM.

Zach finished recording songs for his first full length studio album in the summer of 2008, before moving to Athens, OH. The album was released in 2009 with a concert at Donkey Coffee, on of the most popular live music venues in the area. Zach continued to write and perform, making the circuit around Appalachian Ohio and northern West Virginia in support of the album. In 2010 he teamed up with songwriter/guitarist Brandon Ashcraft to better recreate the feel and sound of the recorded songs on The Carpenter & The Chemist in a live performance. They were soon joined by Mike Cotter on bass and Kel Williams on drums/percussion and The Damaged Goods were born. 2011 brought two new faces to The Goods, drummer Don Johnson and harmonica player Jeremy Wright.

The fruits of 2011's hard work can be heard on The Part-Time Paladin EP (available for streaming online), a collection of rawer blues-rock and soulful funk tunes that were the band's repertoire in the clubs and bars ar


Love Is The Only Truth

Written By: Zach Parkman

Say a little prayer for me now
'Cause my conscience gone south
And its staying down there
And I don't know when he'll be back around
Don't ask questions
Well, I'm hiding out and I'm laying low
From life's lessons
Its the liqour store then the county line
Jumping ship in the nick of time

She don't want me around
A little blemish on the monthly reports
Heading downtown, not where I wanted to be
Take it easy
Telephone and I'm out the door
Must be some reason
Karma works in mysterious ways
Having one hell of a bad day
Infections growing, now its out of control
Tomorrow's my only hope!

And I'm certain that life's only truth now is love
With a little bit of company
Baby don't worry its just me now
On my own.

The paint's still wet on the door
Rusty hinges squeaking
Wooden floors creaking
But I'm not even scared now at night
Sleeping over, this time its forever
And for always

(2nd Chorus)
And I'm certain that life's only truth now is love
With a little bit of company
Baby don't worry its just me now
On my own
And I'm happy to see that sun rising again
But it wouldn't be half as good
Without you laying right here beside me
Cliche's over
Like, "Why do fools always fall in love?"
Think I'm coming home for good now!!

(Repeat 2nd Chorus)

(c)copyright 2005 Rooskie Blues Music

The End of The Line

Written By: Zach Parkman

The End of The Line
Music & Lyrics by Zach Parkman

Ain’t no work around here said the boss man.
Ain’t no point in hangin’ ‘round.
Well, the river’s dried up.
All the cane’s been cut and I ain’t seen a dollar in a while my friend.
Ain’t seen a payday in I don’t know when
And I don’t know if there’s any comin’ ‘round.

Better get a move on. That old train is passin’ through.
Got a group of young men headin’ out again.
Gonna follow the path of their fathers before.
Gonna follow them tracks, gonna make a big score.
And ain’t nothin’ gonna stop them this time, except the end of the line.

The crowds are getting’ thicker. Yeah, their heads are thicker, too.
Screamin’ down with the Man! Picket signs in hand.
Gonna burn this city right down to the ground.
If we can’t have it ain’t nobody can.
Don’t think you want to try your luck again.

Don’t fall behind. It’s a game of wrong and right,
It’s that same old fight and ain’t nobody walkin’ down this road alone.

It stays the same if history don’t change the way the game is played,
the way the pieces lay.
Its either feudal economics or the welfare state’s upon us.
Don’t put ‘em on the dole and watch their morals corrode.
Black ball, make ‘em bleed.
Red scare, on your knees and pray this ain’t the end this time.

Don’t fall behind. It’s a game of wrong and right, it’s that same old
fight and ain’t nobody walkin’ down this road alone.
Open your eyes! Ain’t no more waitin’ for a sign.
Pushing back the time. Next stop everybody off ‘cause it’s the end of the line.

Don’t fall behind. It’s a game of wrong and right, it’s that same old
fight and ain’t nobody walkin’ down this road alone.
Open your eyes! Ain’t no more waitin’ for a sign. Pushing back the time.
Next stop everybody off ‘cause it’s the end of the line.

(c) copyright 2009
Rooskie Blues Music (BMI)

Hello Brother

Written By: Zach Parkman

Hello Brother
Music & Lyrics by Zach Parkman

Hello Brother, heard you were getting married.
Folks say, “Finally. She’s the one, yeah.”
Maybe an anchor, maybe a rocket ship.
Plot a course; man your station the countdown has begun.
A funny thing love, it keeps its own council.
Speaks its own peculiar tongue.
No need to introduce itself.
Sneaks up behind you and beats you like a drum.
Hello brother, have I told you the part you play in my mythology of life.
Like the angels of my better nature.
Like Atlas holding up the starry sky.

Blood or not, there’s a brotherhood that pushes back
Against the false perception that love is ever trumped by time.
Discretionary membership, dues deferred, but creed and oath are sworn
Upon the deepest parts of heart and soul and mind.

Verse 2 –
Hello sister, pleased to meet you.
It seems we’re similarly marked.
Call it fate, call it chance, call it a confidence man’s plan!
Call it what you like!
It’s a funny thing love, never asks permission, never asks you for advice.
Just barges in, sits right down and pretends its known you all your life.

Repeat Chorus and bridge –

Verse 3 –
Welcome home love. You know I’ve missed you.
When your gone nothing seems to work out right.
The sun may rise, the rooster crows, the night says, “Good-bye!”
Without you here it seems I can’t tell a truth from a lie.
It’s a funny thing love, writes its own music.
Composes every single line.
Major – minor scales, 12-bar blues spinning fairy tales
And a rhythm and rhyme scheme of mice and men.

(c) copyright 2010
Rooskie Blues Music (BMI)


1999 - The Continuing Monologue of an Amputee, an early cassette demo recorded entirely on a 4-track recorder and released in very limited numbers. If you find one hold on to it!!

2008 - Live from Summer's Past 2007, a live album containing songs recorded from several nights at Summer's Past in Virginia Beach, VA. Available for sale at live shows and online at

2009 - The Carpenter & The Chemist, the long awaited full length studio album released in early 2009. Available online at iTunes, CD Baby &

2011 - The Part-Time Paladin EP, follow up album to The Carpenter & The Chemist is available for streaming preview at + + Facebook, and on MySpace. A remastered version will be available for sale and download soon.

2012 - Honorable Manhood (& Other Myths) available for preview at, here on Sonicbids, at, and on Facebook at

Set List

The Nelsonville Eagles #391 Fundraiser (26 FEB 2011)

1) Talking Birds (Too Far East on Harrisburg) - a blues rock original by Zach Parkman reminiscent of the Allman Brothers and Booker T & The MGs.

2) Hey Joe - a traditional folk song electrified and made famous by Jimi Hendrix, a jam song with plenty of room to improvise.

3) Definition of the Blues - a soulful original with booze soaked lyrics and a funky guitar hook.

4) Isabel - a Latin jazz lounge song off of The Carpenter & The Chemist (2009) album and a fan and band favorite.

5) Snooze Button - a funky, reggae inspired party song written by Brandon Ashcraft.

6) Leave/Sweet Home Alabama - Another Brandon Ashcraft tune inspired by one of those relationships and whose chord progression leads right into the Skynyrd classic. (we couldn't resist it)

7) Sweet Home Chicago - Being based in Ohio we had to balance one song about the south with one from the north. Zach Parkman's roots in the blues show through in this Ro