punk rock drum n bass! barbie sings and plays drums and karel plays bass and sings backing vocals. fast, pop punk, high energy, catchy and BadAss.


punk rock drum n bass! it's fast pop punk, high energy, catchy and impressive.
BadAss is from miami and one of their favorite bands is nirvana, they also like nofx, justin timberlake, britney spears, jay z, descendents, lily allen, anti flag and pennywise.
there is no band out there to the best of their knowledge doing what they are doing even though they get compared to the ramones and the white stripes and that's nice but it's like this. barbie is like a bruce lee on drums, she looks like this barbie doll beating the crap out of the drums and she sings. karel is a hot and sexy cuban that gets with the bass while they're bring'n it live to a city near you.


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Set List

(set list)
1. domino 2:17
2. inside out 1:51
3. pepe' ling 1:46
4. whack 2:24
5. little little lover boy 2:22
6. foreign song 1:50
7. ode to my freaks 3:01
8. trash 2:37
9. love me only 3:33
10. you 2:34
11. party 2:22