bad blood

bad blood


Hi we're badblood, from italy. We play kind of alternative/noise/stoner infected by new italian post-rock movement.
We like to play more as much possible, everywhere, to let people know our music and show them what we can do on stage.
Thanks for your attention, we're not special.


Badblood is a young band from Florence born in 2004. The band, as a three piece, made up of Matteo (guitar and vocals), Edoardo (bass) and Rudi (drums). From the beginning they have expressed through their music, without using covers and their music is infected by punk, grunge, stoner and nu-metal.
In 2008 VacationHouseRecords released their very first album, "worn out", followed by live gigs, reviews, radio interviews and digital distribution throughout the world.
After the release of "the black drop", in 2010, the band put its head out of the national borders with some gigs in Europe. One of those is in the renowned Maloe Melo (Amsterdam). Still in 2010, they opened a live concert of Linea 77 (Flog, Florence) thanks to Oozer. On august the band also appeared in a special article about Oozer on the magazine Glamour.
On november 2010 they release their new ep: "Joanie's back in town" sees the light, and it will be followed by live gigs, reviews and digital distribution as well.
They shot with the director Adriano Giotti the videoclip of "the lure", the extract of the new album "wedding's funeral".


worn out - 2008
the black drop - 2009
joanie's back in town - 2010
wedding's funeral - 2012