Bad Boat

Bad Boat


Upbeat doom rock with gruff howling vocals and great melodies. Huge riffs and choruses and a great live band.


Sensing the void in the Irish rock and metal world with most bands limited to one genre or just emulating what their heroes have done the Boat hoped to bring something of the old style back and something new to the scene. They began in 2002 with an original set of naturally heavy rock songs culminating in appreciative live audiences and an underground gem in their first demo 'Oblivion Switch' by the end of 2003. In 2004 their next demo 'Breathing Space' gained great reviews and garnered 'Demo of the Month' in 'Metal Hammer' magazine. Bad Boat has been compared to bands like Monster Magnet, Cathedral and Kyuss while retaining their own distinct sound. They have managed to fuse some of the great aspects of heavy music (Punk, Metal, Grunge, Blues etc.) from the last 30 years or so in the songs featured on their debut album ‘Blues Gone Black’. Real stories of paranoia, loss, disillusionment and spiritual imbalance are delivered by a strong diverse soul searching vocal and backed by massive riffs and groove driving melodies. The power behind the music comes from their raw unnerving live energy and a firm grasp of musical dynamic and great song writing.


Blues Gone Black

Set List

Sets are between 30 mins to an hour all original material.