Bad Canon

Bad Canon


Signature Detroit sound oozing with all of the angst that comes with living there. The White Stripes with the soul of the Vaselines. The songs are edgy but accessible and feature dominating lyrics and vocals.


Our sound is inspired by the do-it-yourself attitude of Beck, the stripped down, honest vocals of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the big sound of Zeppelin and Metallica. Bad Canon formed in 2003 around a cluster of songs that became the 2005 debut album. Taking the moody album to the local Hamtramck bars, we developed a more upbeat style and a host of new songs that became the 2007 release, I Protest.


Taking Your Heart

Written By: Bad Canon

So many times my fate has passed before me,
So many times I’ve felt the urge within,
To make up for all the things that I was powerless to do…

So take my hand,
Into foreign lands,
Loving you best that I can,
Taking your heart in my hands,
Taking your heart in my hands.

It kills a man to watch his ship departing,
A disappointment leaving him behind,
Looking for a chance just to make it up to you…

Happy Pills

Written By: Bad Canon

There were times,
I felt so blue,
The songs I wrote,
Were depressing you,
Then things changed,
The path was clear,
My mood improved,
Didn’t need the beer.

I’m on happy pills,
Call the doctor if you will,
Just don’t take away my happy pills.
I’m on happy pills,
Pay the paramedic bill,
Just don’t take away my happy pills.

I felt my mind,
Going numb,
Guilt had ripped my heart apart,
Made me dumb,
Now its rainbows,
No more tears,
No more lying sleepless,
No more fears.

POW Celebrity

Written By: Bad Canon

Hatred burns within the heart of an unruly calm,
Growing hotter, gaining strength, ‘til it becomes a bomb,
Set it off with a suicide,
Buildings will crumble in front of your eyes.

Hatred turns a crowd into an angry mob,
Brother Isaac, he’s gonna look, but he won’t find a job,
Jesus Christ says its time to fight,
Presidential fury, swinging from the right.

Join the Army like a good boy should,
Standing up for freedom like they knew you would,
Taken hostage by the land of the free,
You’re a POW Celebrity,
Standing up for what you believe,
You’re a POW Celebrity.

I Protest

Written By: Bad Canon

I’m sure you’ll say you’ve got your reasons,
But we’ve heard them all before,
Your acts are constituting treason,
They lead us deeper into war.

I protest, I protest,
I will not tolerate your mess,
This time I will be heard,
And you’ll hear every word,
I protest, I protest.

You preach the fears of your believers,
Playing every moral score,
Just a slave to campaign dealers,
They pluck the strings you play the chords.

The End

Written By: Bad Canon

I put my beating heart there for you,
You’ve seen how easily I bruise,
I wonder where you’ve been,
And if you’re listenin’,
Can’t be my lover, be my friend.

Looking back on where I’ve been,
I kept looking for an in,
Wondering where did it begin,
Knowing now it never ends.

It seems I’ve nothing left to lose,
I’ll drink any bottle you choose,
Tried runnin time and again,
Its getting harder and harder to win,
The fear keeps creeping back within.


Bad Canon - 2005
I Protest - 2007

Set List

2 hours of original music and about 6 cover songs. Typically plays a 45 minute set mix of fast paced rockers and medium paced songs and usually one ballad. We have enough material to mix up the set list night to night.