Bad Case of Big Mouth
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Bad Case of Big Mouth

South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States | SELF

South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Pop Punk


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"Baseball EP by Bad Case Of Big Mouth"

Bad Case Of Big Mouth, an Experimental-Punk outfit from South Plainfield, isn’t timid when it comes to operating unconventionally, in fact, areas of eccentricity is this seven-piece collective’s comfort zone…and they thrive in it.

While effortlessly transitioning between aggressive chunking Hardcore and angst-ridden, Blink-182-type Pop tunes on their latest EP, Baseball, the outfit highlights their penchant for not sitting still on any one riff, chorus, or sound.

Before even delving into the music, the tracklist alone is substantial evidence that Bad Case of Big Mouth is a humorous group utilizing oddball titles like “Elmer and The Man That Feeds Him,” “She Could Have Made Gorey Love,” and “General Kael Will Have His Revenge” to draw the potential listener in. From there, the band’s songwriting prowess takes over.

“Elmer” announces itself with a high-speed galloping beat fortified by aggressive power chords. “We always knew we’d have to let these good times go,” sings vocalist Rob Intili before the group transitions into a jagged breakdown. Don’t get too comfortable though, because the song shifts back and forth like such throughout the track, keeping the listener cued in for an explosive gang chorus which acts invitation to join the ranks. “Just remember that you’re not the only one/When it feels like the odds are a million to none.”

Often times Intili’s sense of melody is artfully juxtaposed against heavier hooks, such as the work found on “Gorey Love,” creating a playful dissonance that underscores the band’s playful personality. This is, after all, the group that breathed new life into ‘N Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” at the Bamboozle by turning certain portions of the Boy Band ear candy into high speed Thrash-Punk.

Bad Case of Big Mouth doesn’t miss its chance to name-drop other pop-culture influences on Baseball; The “General Kael” mentioned in the title of the final track of the EP is an allusion to the character of the same name portrayed by Pat Roach in the 1988 movie Willow, starring Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis. The drums and guitar come out blazing for the general, as Intili screams “Tonight it’s you against the world!” The front-man’s voice is more aggressive on this track, tapping into his alter-Screamo-image to give the song an air of anger: “I hope that you still hate me/Because I wish you nothing but the worst/In time I’ll settle the score.”

Being the fun loving bunch they are, the band couldn’t resist a little merriment at the end of the EP: Intili’s vocals are auto-tuned, and the slightest bit of record scratching is heard before “Kael” concludes with the more traditional heavy palm-mute riffing. This foray into yet another genre is brief, but perhaps foreshadows the future for the adventurous outfit. After all, being a little unconventional is never a bad thing.

MUST HEAR TRAC: “Elmer and The Man That Feeds Him” – Half hardcore breakdown, half Blink 182, this song is bi-polar in all the right ways. - Speak Into My Good Eye (Matt Ascone)

"Bamboozle 2012: 10 Best Moments From Day 1"

#7 Jersey punks cover Nsync. Bad Case Of Big Mouth won the right to rock the fests Harley Davidson sponsored stage and they returned the favor by cover Nsync's "It's Gonna Be Me" That's . - Fuse TV


Bad Case Of Big Mouth - "Mr. Business" EP (2010)

"Baseball" EP (2011)



Remember the movie Mac and me? Yeah that was nuts. If you didn't see it, honestly it has nothing to do with our music. We're a wacky, silly band that loves to have fun but we can also be serious when we need to be. We started about a year and a half ago and we've progressed. Since then we have played the 2011 Bamboozle Festival and the 2011 Vans Warped Tour and are once again slotted to play both this year. We play shows all over the NJ area and will almost never turn down any opportunity to showcase our music. We have 7 members and are really into pop-punk and hardcore. One day we decided we were going to just mix up the two. We're not trying to redefine the music scene or have a sound "like you've never heard". We have fun, we play fun music, you can dance to it, you can make sweet love to it, you can properly digest it. Yeah...this is our bio. Fin.