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Bad Cello

Utica, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Utica, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"‘Cover Your Smiling’ by Bad Cello Follows the Story Arc of the Common Orgasm Followed by a Nap"

Bad Cello is a band. No it’s a person. No it’s a band yeah it’s a band? ‘Cover Your Smiling’ is an epic song that uses epic chord progressions to the likes of bands like Supertramp. Where past work has entertained some tiny pop experience, the latest from the Utica based artist cares not for formal structure that makes for radiofriendship but rather for the anticipated releases that mimics orgasmic tension- only to roll over and fall asleep at the end peacefully. - Dingus

"Bad Cello – “Cover Your Smiling”"

Zeno Pitarelli, a.k.a. Bad Cello, follows up last year’s Finna 7″ with the explosive ballad “Cover Your Smiling.” Pitarelli orchestrates a heavy arsenal of arena-sized drums rocketing across waves of distortion and frenzied guitar melody. Everything feels uninhibited and in glorious slow motion. You can almost feel the energy igniting just inches from your face. And with a few poignant closing piano chords, Pitarelli’s words remain as a powerful declaration of vulnerability. - Portals

"Week in Pop"

You are not going to believe some of the latest sound developments happening with Bad Cello. Check out what frontman Zeno Pitarelli has concocted with his large sound on, "Cover Your Smiling", off Interesting Selection: Volume 1. Recorded at Big Blue North / Big Blue Meenie by Jeff Aderman, Tim Gilles, Matt Messenger, Matt Dake, Richie Kennon and Chris Marinaccio; "Cover" brings some of the Zeno's largest sentiments to the largest audio pedestals and platforms ever heard. The grandiose presentation and production of "Cover" is the summation of the greatest power-anthem-fist pumpers around that sends all the energy up to a levitating ground. Modern, classic, future songwriting tricks, just smart design all around. Unbreakable in the tradition of what fine crafted pop can be. - Impose Magazine

"Listen Up: Bad Cello – “Cover Your Smiling”"

What has been up with Utica lately? With impressive acts hailing from the region like Comfy and Twin Speak, we’re beginning to think there is something unique in the Mohawk River. This week, we stumbled on an equally impressive act from the 315 under the moniker Bad Cello. The project featuring Zeno Pitarelli and pals recently released the teaser for the grandiose sadcore single titled “Cover Your Smiling.” Set to be the starter single for an EP this summer via Miscreant Records, the song phases in and out of earnest vocals deserving of sympathetic back rubs and 90′s slack rock. Check out the ”Cover Your Smiling” below. - Buffablog

"Bad Cello - Finna (Album Review)"

Apparently, Bad Cello‘s Zeno Pittarelli became wary of the sad, folk music tag that was frequently thrust on him and his music. Although, truth be told, his music never really struck me as sad. I think I once pegged it as more like music best suited to a comfortable rocking chair to be played when in a particularly pensive mood. Baroque pop for the bookworm. I guess if the thought of that makes you sad, then yes, he played sad, folk music. Either way none of that matters now because in the time between Bad Cello’s last LP Takes, which was released last fall, and his new EP Finna, Zeno retreated back inside a conceptual cocoon and has re-emerged as a delightful synth pop project. It’s a good look for him and it’s a move that has painted his already pleasant project in a good-natured electric glow. Plus he looks like he’s having a ton of fun flailing around behind a keyboard.

After this week I can confidently say that I have a special bond with Finna that extends beyond the typical musician/listener relationship. Let me just tell you, this dude’s got my back. I just spent the last two days trapped in the car next to absolutely incorrigible five-year old on my way back from a family vacation in North Carolina. Really, my only defenses were my headphones, and so I spent many hours jamming this EP into my ears over and over again with my head pressed lethargically against the car window. Sure, at first I just needed something to drown the incessant noise and The Princess Diaries 2 on repeat, but as time went on I found that I no longer kept it on repeat as an audio combatant, but because it was just so damn pleasant. Looking back it made those long hours feel, well, not so long.

At only five tracks long, the amount of music on this EP can be held in one hand; so it’s not exactly something to pour over, but that doesn’t stop it from being a bold, new statement. A statement that makes strides to separate itself from any shadows of the sad, folk stylings of last year. The music here is sweet without being saccharine and when considering the lyrics, it’s a little biting as well. Abandoning his failsafe guitars and strings for beats and synthesizers might have been new territory for Zeno, but it doesn’t show here. When considering where he’s come from it’s obvious that he is experimenting a bit, and to hear him tell it, the electronics found on Finna could potentially be a clearing of the throat. Something that Zeno needs to get out of his system before pressing on to the next release. Let me just say this though, if he takes to his next skin as naturally as he did here then we have absolutely nothing to worry about, and just about everything to look forward to. - Portals

"EP Stream : Bad Cello : Finna"

Bad Cello is the project of Utica, NY native Zeno Pittarelli. What started as more of acoustic folk has slowly become more synthesized electric pop after he “got a little tired of being the sad folk guy.” Today marks the release of his new EP, Finna, digitally via Double Whammy/Miscreant Records with the physical coming on September 17th. The release is full of colorful and fluttering beats and synth-lines shot through a computer for more experimental finish that works whether you are out in the sunshine or in a club during the fall or winter. So even though those summer days are starting to dwindle, your desire to listen to this won’t. Find the stream of the EP below. - My Old Kentucky Blog


Cover Your Smiling (2014 - Single)
Finna (2013 - EP - Double Double Whammy / Miscreant Records)
Takes (2013 - LP - Double Double Whammy)



Bad Cello is the solo project of pop songwriter Zeno Pittarelli. In June
of 2013 Pittarelli released the album Takes (CS/digital) on NYC record
label Double Double Whammy. On August 20th 2013 he released the EP Finna via Double Double Whammy and Miscreant Records. When performing live Bad Cello is a 3-piece rock and roll outfit (drums, bass, guitar + synths).

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