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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | SELF

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States | SELF
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"Grass Roots Review : UK Reggae Guide"

Born as Aaron Smith in 1981, Badda Skat did not reveal himself to the wider reggae public until the year 2000. The music has long been an influence in the life that would shape this performer. Since his introduction to the business Badda has worked with a variety of producers on a global level. During this time he compiled an arsenal of tunes, focusing on the conscious vibe, the best of which have made their way onto this debut release entitled ‘Grass Roots’.

In all honesty ‘Grass Roots’ is nothing short of incredible. Backed by the hugely talented Jah Roots, Badda delivers nothing but positive and uplifting vibes throughout. The collaboration with Jah Roots works incredibly well and it has produced a slice of reggae genius.

Stand out tracks include 'Copper Shot', an anti gun tune which rides the absolutely wicked Murderers Riddim. 'Minibus', which has a wonderfully upbeat and lively vibe, is astonishing. It’s a joy to listen to Badda lick some serious lyrics over this riddim. The title track is another awesome tune, riding the Strangers riddim with Badda showing respect for the Israel vibrations roots anthem ‘Same Song’. ‘One Load’ is another superb track, pure Ganjaman tune. This’ll get any crowd bouncing for sure!

The whole UKRG crew can highly recommend this release to the fullest. King has been spinning it almost non-stop since it landed on his desk and Idread regularly spins tracks on his ‘Roots ‘n’ Culture’ show. Badda is a real talent and big things are sure to follow. Rumour has it that a ‘Grass Dubs’ album is soon to follow.

‘Grass Roots’ is available on CD from, where you can also download more underground works for free. Also CD Bady ( are stocking copies. The album is also available from itunes so you have no excuse not to get your self a copy! - KingLDub, JumpUp @ UKRG,

"Grass Roots Review : Reggae Reviews"

Florida-based DJ Badda Skat is a cohort of underground roots band Jah Roots who guested on their Crucial album. He shows real promise on his debut Grass Roots, a vibrant modern roots showcase featuring the incomparable music from that very same Jah Roots set (sharing riddims in a similar manner to the Minor7Flat5 releases). He has a youthful voice that I think could be honed to create a unique flow to stand out from the current flood of conscious singjays (granted, the fact that he's white makes him stand out somewhat already), something a bit more quirky that shows off his personality, as on the opening semi-rap "Frontline." Certainly, I'm not expecting the antics of HR, but maybe something more akin to the charismatic (albeit little-known) Reasoner. That said, Badda Skat helps himself stand out from the pack by crafting catchy refrains that demand to be sung along. "Frontline," "Copper Shot," "My Voice," and "The Ballad of Mr. Smith" draw you in right off the bat with a welcoming sound that makes you actually want to pay attention to the lyrics (which are conveniently included in the liner notes). He really hits his stride, though, midway through the album with "Locks Alone," a wicked head-banger fueled by a funky organ and chanting chorus that reminds us that hairstyle does not necessarily equate righteousness. The rollicking ganja anthem "One Load" is a worthy follow-up, chock full of old school dancehall goodness. If this doesn't convince you to "take one load," nothing will. Grass Roots is a strong debut that displays a talent and sincerity that will serve Badda Skat well in the long run. -

"Badda Skat - TBT Artist of the Day"

The St. Pete performer also known as Badda Skat (a.k.a. Aaron Ugosmith) may be a 29-year-old white man with no Jamaican bloodlines, but geography and heredity didn’t get in the way of him becoming a Rastafarian and dreadlocked reggae artist.

Born and raised in Tampa, Badda Skat performs socially conscious reggae tunes that pulsate with a hypnotic dub backbeat. He composes his lyrics with a Jamaican patois and performs them with the verbal agility of a Kingston native.

These accomplishments have been recognized by local reggae-world beat musicians and his cred as a Rasta performer hasn’t been called into question. Said Mugabe Tenn of Tribal Style: “Badda Skat’s true to his beliefs and one of the humblest dudes I ever worked with, and I always love to share the stage with him anytime.”

Check out Badda Skat Saturday at the Less Oil, More Beer oil spill benefit, alongside artists like Auto!Automatic!! , Elysium and Grex. It's at 8:30 p.m. at Fubar, 658 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $3. Below, check out the track he recorded about the oil spill, Crudie Rudie.

LISTEN - Badda Skat, 'Crudie Rudie'

After the jump, check out Julie Garisto's full profile of Badda Skat...

The baddest cat: The St. Pete performer also known as Aaron Ugosmith may be a 29-year-old white man with no Jamaican bloodlines, but geography and heredity didn’t get in the way of him becoming a Rastafarian and dreadlocked reggae artist. Born and raised in Tampa, Badda Skat performs socially conscious reggae tunes that pulsate with a hypnotic dub backbeat. He composes his lyrics with a Jamaican patois and performs them with the verbal agility of a Kingston native.

These accomplishments have been recognized by local reggae-world beat musicians and his cred as a Rasta performer hasn’t been called into question. Said Mugabe Tenn of Tribal Style: “Badda Skat’s true to his beliefs and one of the humblest dudes I ever worked with, and I always love to share the stage with him anytime.”

What he plays: Guitar, bass, and keyboards. “I compose electronically using drum programming, virtual keyboards and instruments,” he said.

Self-served: Badda Skat has produced two of his albums, Grass Roots and Grass Dubs, in his home studio, DubShot, and is working on a third. “With this album, I’m taking on the full production role myself,” he said. “All writing, recording, arrangement, instrumentation, overdub, mixing, and mastering is being done by me.” The new, not-as-yet-titled release will touch on a wide range of subjects, like “unnecessary war, globalization, weather modification, alien life, society vs. reality.”

The name: “Badda Skat is a patois combination of two terms. Badda means 'badder’... as in bad, badder, baddest. Not common in U.S. English, but common in Jamaica. Skat is a vocal delivery style using fast lyrics, popular in early jazz music. My style of delivery is very fast, and not many people can replicate it ... so the combination of Badda Skat fits perfectly.”

An early start: “I remember hearing reggae walking down the streets of Key West with my parents when I was about 9 years old. I was hooked from then. I tried to get as much as I could, of all different styles; dancehall, reggae, roots, dub, rocksteady, etc. Eventually I found Bob Marley, and it was in his songs that I first heard the word 'Rastafari.’ … I had been teaching myself about Rastafari since I was 9. … Rastafari is much more than just a religion: it’s a way of life, what we call a 'livity’ and takes effect on all aspects of one’s daily life.”

On-stage: “Usually, around the Tampa area, I perform with the band Tribal Style. We’ve been working together for a few years now. I have performed solo with prerecorded tracks. This Saturday at Fubar, I will have a DJ backing me and playing my tracks.”

Not just political: “The desire for happiness is what drives me daily, and I think that’s something that everybody wants in life, right? But, I also talk about things that I go though, such as being a white dreadlocked Rasta in today’s society.”

Two-wheeler: He also races fixed-gear bikes.
-- Julie Garisto, tbt* - TBT (Tampa Bay Times)

"Badda Skat Delivers a Soulful Message"

Truly concerned about social and community issues, Badda Skat describes in both a comical and compassionate way the ills of society and mother earth through his Jamaican spoken word and rap. Funky, swinging beats accompany his smooth, rhythmical voice, filling each song with profound and meaningful messages full of inspirational spirituality and concerned loving kindness.

He has been performing his conscious dancehall (a form of Raggae) throughout the State of Florida since the year 2000, and just finished his weekend’s program, educating and entertaining folks in St. Petersburg this past Saturday, and in Orlando on Sunday. His goal is to help people think outside of societies programming so they can achieve prosperity-awareness, because he knows that only through actual awareness can positive change be made.

Badda Skat became a Rastafarian at the age of twelve due to his deep feelings toward God the creator, and the oneness of all living things. This is a belief system that encompasses the teachings of Jesus Christ, along with the practice of nonjudgmental thinking, respect and honor for all things, the sharing of universal unconditional love among all souls, and upright living.

His manager, Empress Desiree has been working with him for ten years. She obviously understands better than anyone what Badda perceives with his mind’s eye, and what he has to offer society. She stated, “He is a man with a pure heart and his message needs to be heard.”

After hearing some of the negative messages carried in the lyrics of many rap songs these days, it is quite refreshing to hear the enlightened awareness that Badda delights his audiences with at each of his concerts. His promotion of humanistic values, along with informed directives on clean and safe living in harmony and balance with one’s environment are helping open people’s minds.

There will be threemore opportunities to catch one of Badda Skat’s performances this month. He will be presented on October 16, at Fubar in St. Petersburg, October 23, at the Zombie Apocalypse Afterparty in Gainesville, and October 30, at Circus McGurkis in St. Petersburg, Florida. For a course in balanced living, check out one of his upcoming venues. Once you experience his magnetic smile and words of wisdom you’ll feel that all is well in the world.


"Grass Roots Review : Uprise Records"

Busting onto the contemporary reggae scene – Badda Skat is a "buzz-worthy" artist with a more than "buzz-worthy" debut album - Grass Roots.

Kicking off with the powerful chords of Frontline - Grass Roots is a fiery collaboration with Missouri's own 6-piece group – Jah Roots; having proved their own prominence on recent albums like Crucial, its on Grass Roots that they also prove themselves as a relevant backing band. Between the bubbling organ sounds and live saxophone – it's riddims like these that rival even some of (major label) VP's finest (ie certain Glen Washington and Richie Stephens productions.)

As the album continues, one thing is proven line after line – which is the consistently righteous dedication of Skat's conscious dancehall lyrics. One of the only breaks from this style we hear on the album is the subdued, "Ballad of Mr. Smith," with reflectively memorable lyrics such as . . .

"Rights of passage while stackin on deh baggage,Innocence gets shifted like a UPS package.High school... golden rule.Bleach blonde like a beach bum fool.One girl but more so like two, or threeBut the one who's gettin played here is he.Piss drunk bout to move out to college,Continuing the regiment knowledge.One night it come clear inna deh perfect light,That the life deh mon had made was not right."

Skat's delivery upon such lyrics is packed with energy, albeit unique. His pseudo-Jamaican accent, (which has unfortunately disabled other token reviewers from getting to the content,) is certainly at the forefront here, sounding both original inspired by the legends that motivated this. Tracks it truly works on includes the radio-ready, "Locks Alone," and sing-songy title track.

Ending on the positive note of, What Will It Take, Grass Roots defines itself, (especially with repeat listening,) as a powerful and conscious statement of 2007. Mr. Skat has been hard at work with nearly every legit producer and artist that's approached him for years now, and this positive karma has finally manifested in a cohesive effort. Floridian fans can catch his energetic live shows around them, and the rest of the World can hear him at and

- J. Blanton

J. Blanton is the label-head of Uprise Music – presenting conscious hip-hop and reggae through its current roster of Ancient Mind, Madi Simmons, and Kana. - J. Blanton - Uprise Records


GRASS ROOTS - Debut Album
Jacaranda - EP - 100% Badda Skat production

Over 100 recorded singles.

Mini Bus, Copper Shot, and Locks Alone have all received radio play in Tampa/St. Petersburg on WSUN 97.1FM, WLLD 98.7FM, and WMNF 88.5FM.



How does an original lyricist named Aaron Ugosmith (who also happens to be a white guy from Tampa, Florida with natural dreadlocks that have grown down past his knees) transform into a well-respected reggae artist? With hard work, a pure heart and a touch of divine intervention...

Emerging from the underground scene of internet dancehall in the year 2000, Badda began to perfect his craft and systematically carve out his space in the industry. Working with a variety of producers globally, Badda put together an arsenal of tracks that he soon organized as a way to educate and inform the masses. With a focus on conscious material and informative content, word began to spread about not only the skill of the delivery, but also the quality of lyrics and the messages they conveyed.

Badda Skat has striven to remain independent in the production of his music, both financially and creatively. DubShot Studios, where the majority of Baddas tracks have been recorded, first started as a 10 x 10 room that also doubled as his living space. Keeping the name DubShot thoughout its various incarnations, these humble studios would go on to facilitate the recording of over one hundred full-length tracks, including his debut album, GRASS ROOTS, and most recently the dub album follow-up to Grass Roots, GRASS DUBS.

Radio stations from all over the world have begun to recognize Baddas potential. Even while operating beneath the mainstream radar, he has earned airplay on stations such as WSUN in Tampa, FL, KSVY in Sonoma, CA, as well as Unique FM in Nottingham, UK. Badda Skats message is starting to be heard.

Badda has performed to a variety of US audiences in recent years, running tours that have touched states like Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Nebraska, and Kansas. He has also performed live with numerous bands such as Jah Roots, Scholar's Word, Tribal Style, Dreadnot, Offshore Riot, The Bonham House, and Misgana. Jah Roots provided the musical foundation for GRASS ROOTS, GRASS DUBS, and the track Empress which was featured on Jah Roots' Crucial.

In early 2009, Badda had the privilege of performing live with the Original Wailers in Miami; a life-changing experience.

Badda has enjoyed opening for various international acts such as Morgan Heritage, Julian Marley, Gyptian, Collie Buddz, 311, Less Than Jake, and Matisyahu.

Check out the video EPK here:

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