BaDD JuJu is more than just your average Rock band. They weave a musical conglomeration of, "Dirty Guerrilla Blues" and "Super Secret Sexy Soul", all designed to move your feet and melt your Mama's heart!


BADD JUJU is a Colorado group known far and wide for their exciting, passionate performances and their soulful, heartfelt songwriting. Their songs originate from a love and passion in their souls to touch the very heart of everyone within listening distance. With band members coming from diverse musical backgrounds, BADD JUJU is well equipped with enough emotion, originality and talent to win over even the harshest critics. The soulful vocals of singer Sonny Gonzales seduces listeners with emotions that lie deep within the heart of every person who listens. That powerful voice is perfectly matched with the incredibly talented guitar work of Cass Holland. The songs that Cass has created are not only innovative and alluring but also thought provoking and very infectious. In addition, BADD JUJU is blessed with having one of the most intriguing rhythm sections that one could ever wish for in the world of music. Through more than 20yrs of performing all through the country, Percussionist, Andy Garcia, brings an unparalleled amount of experience and passion that drives the beating heart of what "is", BADD JUJU! And we can never forget the most recognizable face of BADD JUJU... The big man of the bass, Dave Meidinger. This man is known nation-wide for his prowess of not only the electric bass but also of the double bass that dare you to turn away for even a minute! BADD JUJU creates a musical tsunami of unequaled passion to seduce you into submission. Since the inception of the band, word has been spreading far and wide. Even prior to the release of their first studio project. They have garnered attention from many different organizations wanting to be a part of what very soon will be a BADD JUJU phenomenon!


EP - BaDD JuJu (2009)

Set List

Our set list consists of 90% Original compositions and 10% popular "Cover" tunes. We can perform for up to 2hrs of music at any performance.