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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Get Out!"

Been reading about the Russian race to the moon: all these retro-tech space pods blowing up on launch because the poor dumb booter rockets-as comparitively sophisticated as fuel/tube/long-handled barbecue grill lighter-wouldn't work right. So that's the cosmonauts in Bad Dudes:sci-fi stuck waiting on liftoff. These ex-Miracle Chosukes amplify the scientist-rock the Minutemen invented to amphetamine extremes. (Not that the Dudes are into bad stuff like that; just saying: buggy eyes and gritty teeth.) Definte Devo derivation, but the Dudes deliver with supernatural dexterity. Too fast for prog, but still a total rush, get it? Maybe their upcoming full-length with launch them to the stars they deserve. With Moving Units at the HOB. - OC Weekly

"The Planet The, Bad Dudes"

The Los Angeles band Bad Dudes are some pretty goddamn badass dudes, making zany,layered schizo stop-and-start songs that command your attention. They use spacey computer noises, mathy song constructions, a vocoder, and tons of that thing called ingenuity-much unlike a lot of bands from LA. This show is an awesome line-up with the keyboard-backed screams of Hustler White, and the wily, sweaty theatrics of The Planet The. Don't miss the show everybody will be talking about on Wednesday. - Portland Mercury

"Did we just write...Rock and Roll Penguines?"

Us show-goers deserve more than the well-crafted songs and safely displayed stage sensibilities you find around this city. We want balls-out solos and sweaty, skill-laden chops. Here's a show where you won't need to move, just watch the guitar necks. Bad Dudes should copyright the word "dude" and fucking sue anyone who even tried to approach the masculine casualness with which they approach life. They have beards and their fingers will pickpocket your ego. - LA Alternative

"Bad Dudes: Only History Can Judge Us"

During the dinosaur times, some of the Bad Dudes were in a band called Miracle Chosuke, but evolution spilt them apart. They now use their Devo brains to control their Rush fingers and their Eno thumbs, and though they sound complete and natural as an instrumenal band, they still wouldn't mind a singer.

Interview follows, - L.A. Record

"Side Stage, spotlighting the best of local music"

If this band were more about highlighting five guys sloppily watching basketball, eating at Hooters or spilling tall boys on themselves, the "bad" in Bad Dudes might mean something totally different. Thankfully, this L.A five-piece has cemeneted around a musical prowess and gnarly nonchalance that truly deserves a good-old '80s "Bad!"

When the dudes in the almost-seminal thrash-punk band Miracle Chosuke parted ways a couple years ago, they formed a number of hard-ass bands, including Upsiilion Acrux. Now the dudes are Bad Dudes. Centered around a formidable afro-ed drummer, the band weaves in and out of sickly quick, prog-rock turnarounds, launching into jazz-metal licks and electro-samba with equal gusto. Betweek two guitars, bass and keyboards, the chops are far beyound "showy"-they are the entirety of the band's material. Most of the songs remain untouched by human voice (a smart move) save the occasional smart-ass lyric barked with acrobatic agility. But all this musical machismo skirts the usual pitfalls. Bad Dudes play balls-out with the concentration of Mozart, no extraneous head -banging, no barf-antics or exclusive posturing. Dan, Ben, Brady, Daniel and Phil are just rad dudes, who run circles around an audience like the Globe Trotters, and do it on a continous basis. They have played as the Home Team everywhere from Music Box (opening fo rMoving Units) to the Smell to our own backyards, bringing ferocious, unmenacing noise each time.

With a bunch of 7-inch spilts of Kill Shaman Records, the band took their sweet time to release a full-length album (it finally came out this past summer) to tragically little fanfare. The self-titled, 15 track feat (both CD and vinyl) was put out by both Brain Burger and One Cell and is like street crack for anyone who likes chorus effect pedals and the New York Knicks. - LA Alternative

"Best Albums of 2005"

Even if it can't compare to their raucous live show, the debut CD by the Bad Dudes (best band in Los Angeles, hands down) is fucking rad. Its impeccably composed new-wave video-game soundtracks are stuffed to the gills with hooks and harmonized fills, often delivered in hyperspeed bursts of syncopated fury. The album is expertly paced, too, alternating instrumental and vocal songs, slower and faster material, and wisely intermingling the many perfect tracks with the merely brilliant ones. At thirty-one minutes Bad Dudes is about seven hours too short. Make sure you've stretched and warmed up your voice before spinning it, 'cause you're gonna want to jump around and yell. - Prefix Magazine


2005// Split 7" w/ The Pope on Kill Shaman Records

2005// Not Not Fun Love/Hate Compilation on Not Not Fun Records

2005// Children's Music for Adults Compilation on Daft Alliance Records

2005// BAD DUDES LP on Brain Burger / One Cell Records

2006// King Kong / Rollo Takes a Walk 7" on Project Infinity

College Radio Campaign on last full length in 2005 with Fanatic Radio Promotion. Charted.

Available on Sony Connect and I-Tunes

Constant Radio play on KXLU currently.

Prepping for next full length release in late winter/spring.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Even if it can't compare to their raucous live show, the debut CD by the Bad Dudes (best band in Los Angeles, hands down) is fucking rad."
--Best Albums 2005
Prefix Magazine

Bad Dudes formed in Los Angeles and played their first show in a big pink house on Valentine's Day. The two guitarists, Brady Miller, also in brutal-prog supergroup, Upsilon Acrux, and Dan Gerchik, from the short-lived punk band Miracle Chosuke (Dimmak Records), were the charter members.

But who are these Bad Dudes as
individuals? Braden, Rhythm Guitarist player, also known as the Marginally Cute One, is currently focusing on the great works of literature. He owns several impressive looking leather bound tomes.
In his own words he likes "All Nietsche, all Hardy Boys."

Benjamin, drummist extrordinare, has taken a brief hiatus from "Letting it all hang out" so he can use the word "Indeed" as superfluous as possible.

Dan, the ultra-lead Guitarist, has just emerged from a grueling 6 week, one on one retreat in the Ozarks with David Mustaine and is now able to play at 400 Beats per minute. All downstroke.

Daniel Haworth, putting aside his duties as CFO of the "Diaper Brigade", earned his place in the band by tattooing various geometric shapes on his arms and legs, most noteably a square.

Phil Cobb, of Norman OK, promptly told Wayne Coyne to "shoove it", bought 37 effect pedals and joined Bad Dudes. His protein shakes are legendary.

After finishing up their first West Coast tour with New Yorkers Breaker Breaker!, Bad Dudes set out to record their first album with Rafter Roberts (Black Heart Procession, Go Go Go Airheart) at Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego. The album was a split release between upstart Louisiana's Brain Burger Records and the local One Cell Records (Subtitle, Labwaste, Days End), and has garnered much praise, even inspiring several community college students to create Hi-8 video montages depicting the apocalypse.

Their sound sets out to combine the best elements of punk, progressive and classic rock and has been compared to King Crimson, Daft Punk, the Monorchid and, well, Miracle Chosuke. They have shared the stage with the Fucking Champs, Moving Units, Upsilon Acrux, Flying Luttenbachers, and the Mae Shi, amongst others.

In July 2006, Bad Dudes were the inaugural single on the LA-based "Project Infinity" label and have chosen to cover "King Kong" by the Kinks.