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Bad Fathers are an American rock band formed in Iowa City in 2002. The band consists of vocalists Juan Hooks, Austin Galante, and Justin Alan Cox, guitarist Jeff Ryon, bassist Miah Handley and drummer Ryan Turi. The stylistically diverse band has been described by MTV as, "Spazzed out Punk Rap."

The band has released three full length albums, Go Poke a Hole in Yourself (2004), Angels in the Chamber (2005), Sex Defender (2009), and a 12' vinyl Swallow for Iowa (2003). Angels has received much critical acclaim and achieved commercial success during Warped Tour '05. URB magazine's review of Angels said, "Mixing the free-for-all fun of punk rock with the street sensibility of hip hop & sexy swagger of reggae, Bad Fathers bring an amusing, sarcastic and intelligent project." The album features the song Bragging Rights, a collaboration with Grammy Award winning vocalist Cee Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley fame.

"This album(Angels) is well done, features a wide variety of sounds, from dub, to new-wave, to punk, and wraps it up in a tight cocoon of hip-hop party vibes." --Punk TV

Bad Fathers have appeared on Fuse Televisions' Tattoo Stories and on Fuse's Warped Tour Wrap Up. The song Guess What Daddy Wants is featured in the 2008 MGM film College. The song January was pressed on half a million discs for UPN's Digital Lounge Series. The single Too Fat to Strip charted on numerous college radio charts including Record Breakers,, and Insomniac. Hurting is featured in Ronnie Romero's latest wakeboarding movie UPDOG.

"In the tradition of the notorious Iggy Pop, Axl Rose, and Tommy Lee; comes hip hop's own bad boys: Bad Fathers." --Black Beat Magazine

"Discomforting oddity of the day award goes to Iowa's own Bad Fathers." --The Boston Herald

Sex Defender is available now! A video for the single I Care Less About The Bitches is available for viewing on Youtube and on the band's myspace.


Full Length Albums

- Sex Defender
-Angels In The Chamber - Features Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley
-Go Poke A Hole In Yourself

Set List

Our sets can range anywhere from 30-90 minutes. 1 set per show.


See You on the Ground
It Took Forever to Forget
The Swamp

Not Enough Gold
Dirty Rain

Love, True Love
I Want More

In a Hurry
I Care Less About The Bitches

Other songs available
California's Calling
Green Ivy
Kith Me on the Lisp