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Bad Fathers

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"This CD is a trip. These guys are on some f*ck the rules, let's have some fun sh*t." - KHDC California on Go Poke a Hole In Yourself "Who could have imagined that the next potential groundbreaking sound would come from Iowa of all places." - - Insomniac Magazine



Bad Fathers upcoming full length Angels In The Chamber arrives September ’05 and includes the single “Bragging Rights" featuring Cee Lo Green. The album also receives contributions from Righteous Babe artist Brian Wolff of Drums and Tuba, Southern Records’ William Elliott Whitmore, and hip hop super producer Tack Fu.The single "Bragging Rights" will be featured on Impose Magazine’s summer sampler.

Bad Fathers live band has performed nationally on the Warped Tour ’05 and with acts such as Ja Rule, Slick Rick, Rakim, Lost Prophets, Atmosphere, Rhazel, etc.

Bad Fathers 12” vinyl Evolution Is Outdated features the production styling of Ninja Tune phenom DJ Vadim, as well as lyrical contributions from Rhymesayers artists Blueprint and Illogic. The song January from the LP Go Poke A Hole In Yourself was pressed on a half million discs for UPN’s Digital Lounge series. Too Fat To Strip, the lead single off Go Poke A Hole In Yourself charted on several college radio charts including Record Breakers,, and Insomniac.

Bad Fathers are sponsored by Toyota Scion


- Harvest Time LP, '97
- Too Many Sheets EP, '00
- Throwing Chicken Bones at the Crack House LP, '02
- Swallow for Iowa 12", '03
- Evolution is Outdated 12", '03
- Go Poke a Hole In Yourself LP, '04
- Angles in the Chamber LP, Available Summer of '05

Set List

Our sets can range from 45min or less to a hour and a half. We can do 4 - 5 songs, to as many as 15 if needed.

Set List for Warped Tour '05:
Safe Bet