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Bad Fathers

North Hollywood, California, United States

North Hollywood, California, United States
Band Hip Hop Rock




"I'm a Bad Father"

There is a point in the movie "Liar,Liar" where Jim Carey's character
realizes that he is being a total f%#! up. He makes the decision to be a better person even though he still f's up frequently. The name Bad Fathers is our way of saying that. -Sound
- Sound click .com


2003’s Too Fat to Strip, released on the vinyl single Swallow For Iowa, has been charting as high as # 1 on several US radio charts including, Insomniac, and Record Breakers.
- takeoutmusic

"Spearing Pinatas"

Piñatas speared with guitars, mohawks and loincloths: Just another concert with Bad Fathers. -The Press Citizen - The Press citizen

"Suprisingly talented"

At 11:30 p.m., the crowd of more than 300 gathered to witness the first segment of the show - a performance by funk/hip-hop band the Bad Fathers. In addition to its unusual stage name, the group was surprisingly talented - you could see the passion seeping out of the members' bodies while they performed. -Daily Iowan

- Daily Iowan

"Very Engaging"

The video for "They're Coming", from Bad Fathers' 2005 release "Angels in the Chamber", was inspired by the track's very engaging loop, which has a very dance/hip-hop feel. The concept again was deliberately kept from being overt or possessing a specific narrative, reflecting the musically ambiguous and energetic nature of the band and its music.

"Crazy ass live hip hop"

Bad Fathers- Crazy ass live hip hop group from Iowa. They have recorded with Cee Lo and Tre Hardson of Pharcyde...

"Overall Bad Fathers inspire"

The beat fading in the last tracks instrumental concludes "Go Poke A Hole In Yourself" and comes to an end like the last beat of a heart. Overall the Bad fathers inspire and produce a lively album, with few poor tracks, if any, and an entertaining listen down to the very last beat.
- HipHop

"Deserve serious credit"

One may notice subliminal messages All in all, Throwing Chicken Bones At The Crackhouse is definitely a conscious, soothing collection of what talent lies behind Bad Fathers. Considering this LP was born from the depths of their living room studio, they deserve some
serious credit and hopefully some more exposure in the very near future.

"Bad Fathers is proof"

The lyrical delivery is reminiscent of Pharcyde, but some of the beats get a little old and repetitive. However, it's easier to listen past them when good lyrics are laid over them. I said it before: I think the Coasts are currently tapped dry right now when it comes to groundbreaking shit, and some really interesting stuff is happening in between. Bad Fathers is proof. Pay attention to "Strap It On" and "The Titty Fuck Song". They're comedic gold.
-Taste like

"Bangin in a college dorm"

It’s exactly the album you’d expect to be bangin’ around 10 or 11pm at some college party since it has those types of lyrics that you could hear any preppy chick getting drunk and slurring. Keep an eye on these fellas they’re going to be herding together the hip-hopsters and punk scenesters into one big crowded cattle farm.

"Iowa Cities most successful"

Iowa City's most successful hip-hop group, Bad Fathers, sounds even more fitting on "85 decibel Monks"
-Iowa State Daily
- Iowa State Daily

"rockin it"

Who says the Midwest isn’t rockin’ it?
-ATAK Worlwide
- ATAK Worlwide

"High energy"

From the energy given out on the first side, my bet is that these guys can put on a decent live show. -UK Hip - UK Hip

"Sexy swagger"

From Iowa City comes one the most original albums we've heard in a while. Mixing the free-for-all fun of punk rock with the street sensibility of hip-hop and sexy swagger of reggae. Bad Fathers bring an amusing, sarcastic and intelligent project. Check our favorites, "On Fire" and "The Titty Fuck Song." -URBMagazine - URB Magazine


By Becky Ogann
Story Created: Apr 29, 2010 at 12:14 PM CDT
Story Updated: Apr 29, 2010 at 12:23 PM CDT
IOWA CITY - Bad Fathers, a Los Angeles band formed in Iowa City in 2002, wants you to text in your votes for a shot at playing the prestigious Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee in June 2010. (See them on MySpace)

The band has been chosen to represent Ford for the Ford Fiesta Car launch in Los Angeles. Winner of the national contest receives an all-expense-paid trip to play one of the largest music festivals in the world, courtesy of Ford. –KCRG TV 9

-Bad Fathers, a band that got its start in Iowa (and no one is ever a former Iowan. The hooks are in for life!) have been chosen to represent Ford for their Fort Fiesta car launch, and are competing for a slot at Bonnaroo this year. Text DREAM to 44144 if you want them to go. -Des Moines Register (Metro Mix)
- Des Moines Register

"Plenty on this record kids shouldn't hear"

“…There's plenty on this record that kids shouldn't hear: Cursing and a topic not for the dear little children. "I Didn't Ask You To Have Me!" is further also crushing a couple of scorch images, it's the adaptation of the 'sex, drugs and rock'n'roll' concept to hip hop.”

- urban

"Solid reputation"

. “The band has a solid reputation as an entertaining, quality sounding live act with a fan base that guarantees healthy attendance. They’ve opened for a who’s who of hip-hop music heavyweights: Lil’ John, Ja Rule, Rakim, Atmosphere, Yin Yang Twins, Cee Lo Green, Naughty by Nature, Kotton Mouth Kings, Pharcyde, 8 Ball and MJG, The world Famous Beat Junkies, and countless others. “

"Best Songs"

“Bad Fathers Best Songs The Titty Fuck Song, Bragging Rights, On Fire, Kith Me On The Lisp…Similar artists The Neptunes, The Joe beats Experiment, Ordinary People..”


"Intriguing Listen"

.”The high-energy group’s long-term relationship with hip-hop prevails with a level of intensity prevalent on their latest album, Sex Defender. With primary influences of hard rock and reggae, listeners will draw comparisons to bands such as Sublime, Incubus, and Everlast. Let it be said that tapping into a shopping list of likened talent is rare and usually unintended. Sex Defender is comprised of a consistency that is not easily imitated, which makes for an even more intriguing listen.”
-Beat Crave
- Beat Crave

"Well done"

."This album is well done, features a wide variety of sounds, from dub, to new-wave, to punk, and wraps it up in a tight cocoon of hip-hop party vibes." --Punk TV - Punk TV

"This Song is My sound track"

"The Bad Fathers posit themselves as Iowa City’s live hip-hop bad-boys: imposing mohawks, endless consumption of beer, and a hit-and-run strategy with the fairer sex. But in reality they go much deeper than cartoonish caricature. This pensive track (Kith Me On the Lisp) showcases their ability to reflect beneath the surface. It also reminds us that hip-hop tracks recorded by live bands can be just as killer as programmed beats. Think: the Roots caught in a decadent Midwestern adolescence. This song is my soundtrack for 2007." --Cokemachine Glow

- Coke Machine Glow

"Dicomforting odity"

"Discomforting oddity of the day award goes to Iowa’s own Bad Fathers." --The Boston Herald - Boston Herald

"Bad Boys"

."In the tradition of the notorious Iggy Pop, Axl Rose, and Tommy Lee; comes hip hop’s own bad boys: Bad Fathers." --Black Beat Magazine - Black Beat magazine

"Spazzed Out Punk Rap"

."… then you have lunatics in loin cloths calling themselves Bad Fathers playing spazzed out punk rap tunes..." --MTV - MTV

"Ground Breaking"

."Who could have imagined that the next potential ground-breaking sound would come from Iowa of all places?" -- Insomniac Magazine - Insomniac Magazine


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