Bad Fathers

Bad Fathers

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"Wow, you guys are fucking crazy." - Sole of Anticon "It's the adaptation of the Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll concept to Hip Hop." - Urban Smarts.Com


�Who could have imagined that the next potential groundbreaking sound would come from Iowa of all places.� -- Insomniac Magazine


Bad Fathers, currently located in Iowa City, have established an extreme reputation based as much on their offstage performance as for their stunning live sets. Known for their rambunctious partying and frequent nakedness, they have still managed to self produce 6 releases since formation in 1997. Bad Fathers have performed all over the U.S. with acts such as Ja Rule, DJ #0 of Slipknot, Rakim, Atmosphere, Pharcyde, Naughty By Nature, and Sage Francis. Bad Fathers recordings have featured DJ #0, 2002 Scribble Jam Champion DJ Skwint, DJ Vadim, and numerous others. 2003�s Swallow for Iowa vinyl generated a solid college radio buzz, charting as high as #1 on several U.S. charts.

All releases recorded, mixed, and engineered in their living room studio, 6B Mobile/Pimp Chernobyl.

Other Projects and Collaborations
- Bad Fathers will be heavily featured on Tack Fu�s upcoming compilation. The CD will feature the three tracks from the Evolution is Outdated vinyl, as well as tracks featuring Sev Statik, Braille, Rachel Kann, DJ Skwint, and a host of others.
- Rosemary Records has produced the Luca Moved Upstairs compilation featuring Sage Francis, Taylor Mali, Cousin and Governor Auto Funkstar of Bad Fathers, academic giant Joe Wenderoth, 4 time National Poetry Slam winner Patricia Smith, L.A. poet Goddess Rachel Kann, etc. The CD was part of the official welcoming at the 2003 National Poetry Slam.


- Harvest Time LP, �97
- Too Many Sheets EP, �00
- Throwing Chicken Bones at the Crack House LP, �02
- Swallow for Iowa 12�, �03
- Evolution is Outdated 12�, Available December �03 !
- Go Poke a Hole In Yourself LP, available everywhere 1/20/04

Set List

45min-Hour performance set

Set List:
Dumb Talkers
What's a Mic In The Source
Psycho Bitch Blizzard
Delusional as Usual
Vocal Acapella
Englert Theatre
32 Ravers and Than Some
Bring Me the Pussy