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Formed in 2002 by five friends after two of them had booked a date in a pub at their hometown, promising to the venue’s promoter “a night of wild and desperate folk music and rock’n’roll”, you’d expect anything but the raw and charming folk rock with a punk feel they play, given that they come from Samba and Bossa Nova’s homeland Brazil. Dubbed “The Clash of the 21st century with a Subtropicalist twist” by a Brazilian newspaper, the band’s repertoire and their infectious live performances truly deserve attention.

An audition might reveal traces of The Replacements, Elvis Costello and other influences, but with aesthetics that only a band with that subtropical background could have. That alone separates them from their English-speaking counterparts. But then there’s more to it: they sound genuinely fresh.

After releasing a single and an EP in 2003, the band played At Curitiba Pop Festival (CPF), one of Brazil’s most prestigious rock festivals. Their show was praised by the critics and audience, and reached the top of a poll chart at Folha de São Paulo online newspaper, beating headliners Breeders and Stereo Total.

In 2004, they toured Spain. Shortly afterwards, Bad Folks released a live album, cut during an event promoted by the label Grande Garagem Que Grava, in Curitiba. The project released 16 local bands CDs into two box-sets - a historical registry of the city's greatest bands.

In the following year, they saw their fan base grow and cross borders. Their first video, Big White Chase, was produced in New York, and has been frequently aired by MTV Brazil. Unfortunately, Bad Folks was unable to attend its production because of budget constraints, but they were represented in the video by a shark puppet, two Irish policemen, artist friends and Brazilian poetry verses.

Bad Folks are playing intensively their country’s indie circuit, earning a notoriety for outstanding performances in which it is impossible not to feel compelled to dance, even during the softer songs - they probably learned how to do that during their country’s ultimate yearly street party, Carnival.

But don’t expect fusion sounds or any Latin drums + banjo + slide guitar rags. The Brazilian character of their sound is imbedded in their songwriting (which is done by three members separately, two of which have been playing old school Samba for the last eight years), but cannot be detected on the outer layers. After all, Bad Folks is a very good rock and roll band with a world-class original sound.

The band was recently cited by Veja Magazine - a major brazilian new magazine - as one of the best bands of the new brazilian indie rock. In September 2007, Carlos E. Miranda, Journalist and rock critic, cited Bad Folks as one of the bands he most like in Brazil.

Bad Folks has just recorded its first full lenght CD, which will be released in January 2008 in Brazil by Discos Voadores.


- Bad Folks single (2003)
- Bad Folks EP (2004)
- Grande Garagem - Live (2005)
- Bouncer (to be released, 2008)
- Streaming: /

Many Bad Folks' songs play in college radios worldwide.

Set List

The Bad Folks repertoire is extensive. The band can play up to 2h, but the usual gig lasts about 1h15min.

1 - Secret Girl
2 - Big White Chase
3 - Ordinary Bitch
4 - My Pillow Case
5 - Legends and History
6 - Cerebelum & Co.
7 - Gypsy Fortuneteller
8 - Down The Drain
9 - If I See You
10 - Where I Go
11 - Why Do You Cry Every Morning?
12 - Coyote Girl Revisited
13 - Not In This City
14 - Potion
15 - (Ask Me Why) I Can't Resist A Gunfight
16 - Dream # 13
17 - Bad Folks
18 - If You Wanna Say Something
19 - Wrong Embryo (version to the Clash's)