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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



I have a confession to make. I promised this review to the BAD GANG weeks ago and they deserved it weeks ago, especially after that awesome performance at the ‘Swingin Safari’ on the 25th but unfortunately my ability to keep the laziness under control failed me. I’m now sitting here with a packet of M&M’s thinking how on earth do I put that performance in words? Because truly, (no I’m serious) it was awesome. It definitely put that so called “MR GOLD COAST MUSIC” from band comp in his place. Briefly the gang comprises of eight BAD members, 2 vocalists, 2 guitarists, 1 bass player “yay”, 1 drummer, 1 percussionist and a ‘scratch’ man.
Let’s see, the evening was a blur of fat funk-tastic melodies, colours, streamers and dancing. No I wasn’t “high” either. BAD GANG played their usual set including the infamous ‘We’re Gonna Get Higher’ and ‘Hands Off’ (only 10 minutes longer after all eight members had done their ‘improv’). Other songs included in their set were ‘Something’s Going On’, ‘Bad Gang’ and ‘Like Nobody’s Watching’, which I danced to like a stupid school girl. Although their songs were great, I have to say my favourite part of the evening was when BAD GANG did a mean rendition of ‘Killing in the Name Of’ by Rage Against the Machine. I was mightily impressed and so were the other two hardcore fans beside me.
What I strongly recommend though is that you don’t take my word for it . . . just move your arse to the next BAD GANG gig near you ASAP. There isn’t another local band on the Gold Coast that has fun with you while your enjoying them, that looses themselves in the funk, or that has the ability to make up 40 minutes of un-rehearsed ‘funk’ for your listening pleasure.
Now my M&M’s are finished I’ve come to realise. . . . There’s something going on.

Review By Cleo Howman | 3rd Year Bachelor of Popular Music Student 10/06 for Undertow Gold Coast Music Street Press
- Undertow Gold Coast Music Street Press


Bad Gang have 4 demos on with plans to release thier debut album early january next year. Other information on thier music can be seen at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bad gang is a unique gumbo of Funk, jazz and rock containing members from all corners of the globe. They combine an enthralling stage show with improvisation and catchy hooks. Together they are guaranteed to tear the roof off any venue and will ensure a non stop dance festival, with hours of portfolio. Bad gang guarantee that they will not play the same show twice. They are tight yet flexible like a rubber band. One must hear and see them to understand. Each member has years of unique musical experience. When fused together in a show they make an enthusiastic enjoyable experience. This band is changing the way one thinks of the Gold Coast as a placid live music scene. Bad gang hit the stage with their special blend of uncompromisingly full funk that will rock your granda mamas socks off�.

Sam Harden: our charismatic front man, with years of experience as an actor/model, is trained in the arts of entertainment. An accomplished jazz musician, he hits the front stage like a fire bomb, ensuring crowd pleasing euphoria.

Ben Le Strange: second front man, harmonizing with androgynous falsetto, and James Brownesque percussive vocal styles. Inspired by an extensive tour in western Africa. Originating in Jimboomba, he began his musical career as a bassist in a death metal band, but left to pursue his love of funk.

Turbo T: official lead guitarist from Wogga Wogga, South Australia. Trained in jazz, and country, Tom adds the virtuosic guitar styling to the band. Watch out girls, you know what they say about short men with David Hasseloff-ish looking haircuts.

'Sreaming Jay Hakon' Gram Russeltvedt, will make the bass move your waist. Our Norwegian cut his teeth with an accomplished Funk band in the cold north. He is Bad Gangs response to Bootsy Collins, a stealthy bass machine, who will keep the groove moving flawlessly through the night.

Stephane " Kazakhstan" Elmosnino: is the bands percussionist/ladies man, a beehive of percussive beats, and enough style to get any dance floor moving. From the Pacific Islands, but having been raised in a French background, he combines two cultures to create and eloquent yet primal rhythm.

Tom Wearne, our trumpet player gives a sweet old sounding timbre to the music. Coming from a improvisational jazz background, he realised soon enough that the funk is his true calling.

Brendan Elliott, the second brass player in the band adds the cherry on to of the cake by laying down some sweet sonically suiting trombone sound. Murwillumbah made him circus crazy, and that is why he is the best player for the job.

Last but not least Leon Ernst; the roots man drummer, who supplies the soul and solid backbeat for the eclectic band. The funk was never been so sweet as when Leon lays down the beat. He is a local Brisbane player renowned for his diverse and virtuosic playing.

Bad Gang’s aim is to give live music and great entertainment to large audiences in lack of Funk, leaving no one unsatisfied.