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The best kept secret in music


"July 16, 2002 Åmåls Bluesfest"

"Badge with Matti Norlin were highly entertaining performing during the "Streetblues" Friday and Saturday. With a mix of blues, punk, folk and country ......they manage to capture a large crowd both days." - Provinstidningen Dalsland (Swedish news paper)

"july 16, 2002 Åmåls Bluesfest"

"During my walk around the festival I all of a sudden discover a new kind of sound in the trio Badge.On a small stage close to "kungsgatan" they are performing wth uprightbas,drums ,ac.git and voice. They looked really calm but the energy in the music makes it hard to stand still. A man with a baseballcap drops his inhibitions and starts to shake loose in front of the band. The mainstreet got really crowded of people that couldn't force themselfes to leave."
- Annika Kane
- Säffle-tidningen (Swedish news paper)

"June 2002 JiiiiiiihhaaaaaBadge!"

All I got to say is that Badge is not going to be a "Demo" band for much longer.I never heard a "demoband" more professional and tight.
Badge from Stockholm played music that's heavy rooted in the early 20th century American tradition. Bluegrass/blues/country. What the hell! It was great and swinging like crazy.
Uprightbass,Dobroguitar,Voice and Drums. That's more then enough, I don't think that the Drummer ever played a" normal" hi-hat + snare beat during the whole set. The guitarplayer (also singer) showed us his "lapsteel" skills while playing ac.guitar with a screwdriver in the last tune.

A lot of people complained loudly that the gig wasn't longer bat that's the way it goes at the "demo" stage. Maybe a bigger stage next year?
-Mattias Reinholdsson / artikel från
- Hultsfredsfestivalen review

"June 14, 2002 Badge - Stage: Demo - Grade B+"

Stockholmbased Badge was a really pleasant acquaintance.
With the masterslide guitarplayer Matti Norlin - knowned as a solo artist - Badge rocked like crazy with their remarkable songs. Mattis slideguitar was totally swinging with Petter Winnbergs Upright and Haakes Drumming. It's a riddle that the band is still unsigned , but that will change after this I'm sure!!??

I could see that Badge seams scary to some label people but someone should grab this band!

Robert Triches / Nyheterna
- Hultsfredsfestivalen

"June 2002 Badge Demostage Review"

"I went curiously to the "demostage" as often as I can. There's nothing better then the opportunity to discover new music. I find Badge who's a great surprise. A trio with upright that plays punkrockabilly and a slideguitar that plays blues. Hardcore.!" - Nyheterna (Swedish newspaper)

"Jan. 8, 2002 Amazingly Entertaining "Crazy" Blues"

Badge from Örnsköldsvik performed in Falun and Borlänge this weekend and played the shit out of everything . According to me this is the most exciting trip you can have at a pub.

Badge is not a well known act neither is" Matti Norlin Trio" as they use to be called before they changed their name . But everyone should hear this trio. The music is blues, punkblues. Some old Robert Johnson songs but mostly their own songs. But this is not the kind of blues we are used to. Badge rearranges the blues and gives it a new life , a more energetic life.. Some of the songs are heavy as hell and some are really fast but all of it is swinging a lot and are truly entertaining.

They left. Friday night the band played "Engelbrekt " in Falun. The place was not that crowded and the people that was there would rather had listen to "sweet home Alabama". People stated to leave!!??????????. I stood there wondering how you could leave smooching like this. But that's the thing that's against Badge. They are so different and far more advance then other blues bands. They don't play any well known songs and no sing a longs. - No we don't do Creedence , said Matti Norlin when someone asked for a cover. But according to me (that don't wanna sing a long) it's just to grab a good seat and enjoy.

Screwdriver. There's nothing else to do then enjoy when frontman Matti Norlin takes his screwdriver and uses it as a slide in a crazy uptempo blues. Behind him a uprightbass that's doing 120 and a drummer that's got it all under control. I'm totally sold. Saturday Badge played in Borlänge at "liljan" and that crown really enjoyed the set and danced like crazy. To you that didn't see Badge this weekend I can only say you missed out because this is the best band that have reached "Dalarna" in a very long time.

- Jonas Stentäpp
- Dalademokraten (Swedish Magazine)


2003 - Self Titled LP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 2002 Badge released their first album in 2003. Their new, fresh, powerful and unique music got great review's in alternative and mainstream press and gave the band an opportunity to gain a strong fanbase by playing festivals and clubs throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

In March 2005 Badge finished up a live DVD that captured the essence of their strong "in your face" live appearance and first showed the new line up.

Now they are in the studio working on their second album, and with the new bass player Gustaf Hielm (ex Meshuggah) the sound and energy feels stronger than ever.

Guitarist Matti Norlin has released three solo albums: "Pre war blues" (95), "Kitchen sink blues"(98) and "Slidin' Out" (2002). As a solo artist Matti's been touring all over Europe playing his own interpretation of heavy delta blues. TV and Radio appearances in countries like: Italy, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Norway, France etc. has led to a huge underground following.

Drummer Fredrik Haake used to be in the New York city based band "God is my co-pilot" who has toured in Europe and USA. Fredrik recorded two albums with the band. The second one "Get Busy" ended up number 13 in most radio aired albums in the US, March -98. He was also a part of Jim Sclavunos (from Nick Caves "Bad Seeds") new band "the Vanity Set" and recorded an album with Roger Manning. Fredrik was in the swedish hardrock band Meldrum that toured with: Motorhead, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Sepultura, Danzig and Nashville Pussy.

Bass player Gustaf Hielm has always been stealing and incorporating elements from as many styles of music as humanly possible. Mostly noted for his work in between 1995-2003 with Swedish metal band Meshuggah with whom he has visited USA on numerous tours with Slayer, Tool, System of a down as well as headlining the second stage at the Ozzfest 2002. Other work worth to mention (black metal with Dark Funeral, thrash metal with Non-Human Level, jazz/classical with piano great Niklas Sivelov etc) and playing with a few steady bands (world/tango/folk/psych/chamber music-sextet Katzen kapell, prog-rockers Renaissance of Fools).