Bad Gibbons

Bad Gibbons


Our music is one heady concoction! Catchy tunes, danceable rhythms occasionally torn apart by uneven time signatures, lyrics that go beyond the "i love you/you love me" subject matter, sparkling heavy guitar riffs topped by CLARINET solos (!) -- -- humour, anger and pop charm all in one.


The clarinettist who had worked with jazz, blues, rock, electronic and singer/songwriter acts, decided to form a band where he could play and sing his own "rock" songs.
He found a drummer in love with both Buddy Rich and Jojo Meyer; an artistic guy whose ultimate goal in life seems to be to reinvent the drum kit and cover all kinds of music.
Together they found a guitar player whose wish it was to abandon the strict limits of punk-rock and aggro industrial and explore the wide world of synthesizers and arty music.
As a trio, they found an incredible number of talented bass players and used the talents and services of all of them (as can be heard on the debut EP, scheduled for (self-)release in early March 2009).
Then they went to the Mosfilm studio which is definitely the best studio in Moscow. Having teamed up with a young and ambitious engineer, they have produced several tracks to be included on that said EP.
The world is now ready to be conquered.


"Falls Apart" - MySpace single (due to be released in late February);
the 2009 AVANT v/a compilation (due to be released in February/March 2009) featuring the most powerful, innovative and catchy music from independent Russian bands;
"Bad Gibbons" - the debut EP due to be released early in March 2009

Set List

We play mostly our own songs but we couldn't do without a couple of covers as well; the artists that we cover include The Cure, The Velvet Underground, John Cale, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie...