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"On our travels we noticed some gruff-looking men carrying instruments into a chalet nearby. We gatecrashed just in time to catch a whole set of hardcore performed in gold lame leggings. Nobody knew what the band were called, so during a break between songs we shouted “Who are you?” from the back. “Bad Guys!” they shouted back.. My friend got so excited that he climbed on to the kitchen table, threw his intoxicated body into the air and crowdsurfed across the sitting room. Not wanting to let him have all the fun, I clambered up and stagedived off the same table to be caught by an anemone-filled sea of hands. Best moment of ATP." - - DAZED DIGITAL


"Bad Guys ‘hips’ (everyone we know). Another damn fine release that has - since arriving in our gaff - being hogging time on the turntable Anyhow what matters is that we here love it, - ‘hips’ is wonderfully unkempt stuff replete with intricately crafted needling riffs aplenty and cut with such an irregular off kilter melodic thread that you half expect any time now that it will stumble, topple over and end up in a calamitous pile up, a definite detecting of post rock noodling afoot here yet carved incisively by a subtle off key and buckling blues throb which in all honesty at times rears up at moments to make you think that it’s the work of some Melvins meets Captain Beefheart meets Jon Spencer get together.

"Trafalgar square flash gig"

"Rarely do “happenings” happen any more.
“What's your name?!”
“.... Stuart.”
“Well go on then, Stuart, do something!!”
Stuart gets out his phone and checks his texts. The short aussie bloke in the red jumper and thick rimmed glasses (a complete twat too, might I add) gets impatient. “Come oooooooooonnnnn! Awh, Stuart, you suck man!!” Oh fuck off. Can't you see there are dudes trying to get passed? Badass dudes. Bad Guys. Matching t-shirts, metallic sheen AA leggings. Sweat bands. Oh fuck. Massive amps. A drum kit. Baaam baaaam, “BAD GUYS!!!” There you go, you red-jumpered nob. How'd you like that?
- Lucy Tesco - ROUGH TRADE


'HIPS' debut single on Everyone we Know records. Played on Xfm twice.



BAD GUYS played their first gig at ATP curated by The Melvins and Mike Patton. Neither knew BAD GUYS were gonna play but they did it anyway. You ever seen someone crowdsurf in a living room? BAD GUYS have. You ever seen Jared from The Melvins force his way through your window to get to your gig? BAD GUYS have. You ever trashed a place so bad it needs to be rebuilt from scratch? BAD GUYS have.