Bad Heart Bull

Bad Heart Bull

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

"We just made a gospel album and we are not religious."


Bad Heart Bull is a collaborative project between Rebecca Riley and Joe Letke. They currently reside in Chicago, Illinois, and have played venues around the Midwest, West Coast, and Southwest.

Bad Heart Bull seeks to retain and spread radical histories of resistance against forces of oppression. Bad Heart Bull also seeks to challenge stale performer/audience roles through active “audience” participation and utilization of space.


No Mountain (2009)
Devil Catch Up With Me (2009)
Powers That Be (2008)
Extraordinary Rendition (2008)
The Tale of Pussywillow Sparks (2007)
Soapbox EP (2006)

Copwatch Chicago Benefit Compilation (2009)
Paloma Negra Benefit Compilation (2009)
With Love – Watercolor Paintings/Clitorectomy & the Mutilators Split Tape (Lost Sound Tapes - 2008)