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"**BAD JAMIE - bad jamie - 6 Song CD**"

I don’t know who Jamie is or what made her so bad, but these displaced New Yorkers (by way of Australia) named a band after her and her snarling cartoony visage on the cover seems to fit the music to a T.
At times garagey and at times harmonious, Bad Jamie is filled with angst, and irony. If Sweet was fronted by Jack White, it would sound like this. The pop sensibilities are undeniable, the lyrics are clever, and there are hooks a-plenty all over this.
Clearly these guys can churn out a good tune as easily as most can pass gas. Let’s hope there will be more music from these guys soon and that they stay in Boston for a while so we can all drool.
(Joel Simches)
- The Noise, Boston - April 2007

"**Bad Jamie pioneers Modern sound**"

Friday, April 13, 2007

Glam-pop rockers Bad Jamie, who play T.T. the Bear’s Place tomorrow, say they are victims of the tall poppy syndrome in their hometown of Boston.

If you’re up too high, they’ll chop you down and smoke ya,” said singer Johnny Modern at Kennedy’s Midtown as he picked apart the sesame seed bun that sandwiched his veggie burger.

Johnny Modern, drummer Jonathan Moore and guitarist Jeffrey Modern formed their first band, Lux, when they were students in Braintree schools. When Moore left the ’burbs to attend New York University, the two Modern boys followed. They soon discovered New York is saturated with performers.

“Everyone just strives to be different, even if you suck,” Johnny said.

Four years later they got an itch to move again - especially Johnny, who realized he was bunking with a crystal meth addict.

“I needed to get the hell out,” he said. “I asked myself, ‘What’s the furthest place away from New York where they still speak English?’ ”

That would be the Land Down Under.

“There’s a big rock influence in Australia,” Johnny said. “They’ll eat up a good melody or stage performance.”

Johnny and Moore spent three years living and playing in Melbourne and Sydney, working with a local guitarist while Jeffrey stayed in the States to finish his pre-med studies.

“We exchanged tracks over the Internet like the Postal Service,” Moore said, “only cuter.”

When Bad Jamie reunited in Boston, they found bassist Nate Horney on Craigslist and proceeded to record their self-titled debut EP.

“We had other bassists before him, but none of them cut the mustard,” Johnny said. “Nate’s been cutting the mustard for about a year now.”

Much better than cutting the cheese.

The six songs on their EP are often compared to Placebo, but the men of Bad Jamie say they’ve never really listened to the Brit glamsters.

They did say that if their album was ever sold in a Sam Goody or Coconuts, it should be placed in the sarcastic, pompous pop section.

That sounds about right.

Johnny says the band’s new songs are taking a reflective turn. But that shouldn’t put a damper on the fun when they perform at Boston’s Pride Week in June.

Hopefully no one will chop them down and smoke them after the show.

The band: Johnny Modern (voice, guitar), Jeffrey Modern (guitar, voice), Nate Horney (bass), Jonathan Moore (drums)

The sound: Sexy pop rock with a dusting of glittery glam.

The show: Bad Jamie opens for Fluttr Effect Saturday at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge.

The music: Listen to and download “Get it Right” and “The One” from Bad Jamie’s EP at, and
- The Boston Herald - Kerry Purcell's "Meet The Band"

"**Bad Jamie's Rumor Mill**"

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bad Jamie is looking to squash some rumors. So before Friday’s CD release party at Bill’s Bar (5.5 Lansdowne St.; doors open at 9 p.m.) with the Black Tie Affair goes down, the band would like to clear up some lingering issues.

"Young girl fans get a kick out of starting rumors that (guitarist) Jeff (Modern) and I are dating," said singer/guitarist Johnny Modern. "Another rumor got started about (bassist Nate) Horney’s expected run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2008, and (drummer) Jonathan (Moore) is a closet Panic! At the Disco fan."

Rumors such as these haven’t been this prevalent since the heyday of Fleetwood Mac. Undeterred, the story of Bad Jamie does read like a script from a supermarket-shelf tabloid: The band started here, relocated to New York City to indulge in the party scene, then moved to Australia and played in music halls, on rooftops and in train carriages. Soon thereafter the guys bounced back to Boston to accelerate the Bad Jamie takeover.

In the past year, the band has opened for Def Leppard and Journey at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, finished second in FNX’s Last Band Standing competition and was in the Emergenza Fest finals.

So it’s as good a time as any to officially release a debut CD. The six-track collection of slicker-than-your-average-indie boasts hooks as chiseled as the band’s jaw lines. It’s glam-infused pop-rock that shares melodic DNA with the likes of Placebo and Bowie. The new CD was recorded at Wednesday Studios in East Boston and produced by the band with the help of Peva Pardel.

"Like anything you record, you hear it 1,000 times and you’ve lost your mind," Johnny Modern said. "But we’re most proud of this recording." And that’s no rumor. More on Bad Jamie can be found at - The Boston Herald - Michael Marotta's "HOTLINE"

"**Boston’s Tweeter Center: Rocking Thousands; Crying Alone**"

I remember the first time I saw them explicitly, and they are not easy to forget. They have a pop sound that is simplistic, yet unique. Having morphed from many styles over the years (and these guys are no rookies) they’ve developed the uncanny ability to write music that is essentially a parade of hooks, that never grows tiresome or repetitive. Their brand of scuzz-pop is instantly likeable and enduring...
Working them over the course of the last season, and being constantly impressed with their live show, I thought of them when I got a phone call about a booking opportunity: an agent for LiveNation offered up a opening slot for Def Leppard and Journey at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts. - John Capello, Emergenza Music Director, Boston

"**THE BRAG Street Mag, Sydney**"

"...But it's the songs of these little geniuses that will make you happiest -
and their unique sound, which oozes the confidence of four boys who know
they're right." - Sydney, AU - Beagle Music Productions


"...Dapper lads Johnny and Jeff Modern -- whose vocal delivery is dazzled with
Brian Molkos lyrical eyeliner augment the bands eruptive choruses and
debutant riffs in garage plastered in Fendi. If the subjects of Morrisseys
old quip about the repressed but remarkably dressed started a band, it'd likely sound like the passion of Bad Jamie." - Michael Marotta - Editor NE Performer Magazine / Promotions Manager, The Pill @ Great Scott


"Mollie's Alright" and "Not Going Anywhere" have been played on commercial, XM, and college radio across the country and in Australia.

Myspace plays exceed 31,000 as of April 2007.

Self-titled EP released in 2007. Distribution on CDBaby and iTunes.


Feeling a bit camera shy


After years of playing together in different incarnations during high school (leading to a Boston Music Award for singer Johnny Modern and his band "Lux"), Johnny, Jeffrey, Jonathan and Nate picked up and left for the city that never sleeps. Under the guise of various titles and genres, the earliest works of Bad Jamie were born in New York in 2002.

Not right for this world, however, the band made their move to where the scene was fresh and the air was clean. Well-written, melodic guitar rock was alive and well in Australia and Bad Jamie felt right at home. Determined to make their own mark, the band organized performances where they felt most comfortable, playing to small over-crowded parties, packed and confused take-away restaurants, commuter rail train carriages, dodgy hotels, and midnight shows atop city buildings.

Bad Jamie were Boston finalists in the Emergenza International Music Festival, with consecutive sold out shows at The Paradise and Avalon in Boston, MA. Coming off an opening slot with Def Leppard and Journey at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA, the band showcased at this year’s NEMO Music Festival. With their first CD under their belts and their second in the works, Bad Jamie can be found around the US playing clubs, stadiums, and house parties.


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