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Bad Larry

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
Band Pop Punk


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It's not everday that I recieve a CD in the mail, and then proceed directly to my room so I can set my alarm clock to wake me up early the next day. Not only did I do this to listen to the album once again, but I was anxious to tell the readers what I thought of the record. So, here goes nothing:

Bad Larry are an impressive blend of ska and punk, and No Deal captures just about everything this band has to offer. Rhode Island's finest take nearly every type of ska music you could possibly imagine, paste their own little twist onto it, and deliver it straight-up, showing listeners exactly what a ska-punk album should sound like. Smooth reggae jams, fast tunes that perfectly blend ska and punk, tracks you can throw on at a party, or songs you can relax to on a sunny, summer afternoon; Bad Larry deliver it all.

The record kicks off with "Someday, Everything",which is the type of song that you believe has reached its full potential with the stunning guitar riffs, but you find your jaw dropping in awe as the blazing horn section makes their mark. I can't say I have a single doubt in my mind as to how the band describes their brass (a world famous horn section). Following that is "Another Way", which picks up exactly where the opening track left off. "Call To Arms", the albums 4th track is more like an anthem than anything, packing in powerful horn lines and a catchy, sing-a-long chorus. "Label" is a call to all the record labels in the business which kindly asks them to sign the band and promising they'll someday become big stars. "Song For A Sunny Afternoon" is exactly how the title describes it. Each and every time this track hits my ears I can't help but find my mind wandering off to those unforgetable, summer afternoons.

Overall, No Deal is a stunning display of the perfect way to blend ska and punk together. Bad Larry take everything you love, mix it up to give it their own, original vibe, and spit it back out again better than it was before. It's safe to say i've fallen in love with this band, and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. Kids, Bad Larry are more addicting than nicotine. - Absolute Punk


No Deal- Full length LP
-Call To Arms- Received airplay in local market.



We are a 7 piece ska/punk band from Providence, Rhode Island. The band was formed in 2002 with no other goal in mind besides to have fun playing music. Within a year it was obvious we had a much higher ceiling than your average ska band and began packing local clubs. We were soon able to begin opening for national and regional acts such as Presidents of the United States of America, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Catch 22, and Monty Are I. We were able to turn that success into a spot opening on the Warped Tour while self-releasing our full length album. The band on hiatus in 2005 to pursue careers and other projects, but after 5 years we realized there was still a demand. We are back at and picked up right where we left off and it feels like we never missed a beat.