Bad Larry

Bad Larry

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

In a politically burdened and socially active world, Bad Larry wants you to stop for a second and smile. Ok, now continue dancing.
Trying not to push any messages (except the occasional tongue in cheek jab at the recording industry or a dig at an ex-girlfriend or two) Bad Larry implores you to forget your trouble and just have a good time. Just remember your dancing shoes, cause you're in for a treat at a Bad Larry show. Their recipe for success lies in upbeat reggae rhythms to warm the soul,


We are a 7 piece ska/punk band from Providence, Rhode Island. The band was formed in 2002 with no other goal in mind besides to have fun playing music. Within a year it was obvious we had a much higher ceiling than your average ska band and began packing local clubs. We were soon able to begin opening for national and regional acts such as Presidents of the United States of America, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Catch 22, and Monty Are I. We were able to turn that success into a spot opening on the Warped Tour while self-releasing our full length album. The band on hiatus in 2005 to pursue careers and other projects, but after 5 years we realized there was still a demand. We are back at and picked up right where we left off and it feels like we never missed a beat.


No Deal- Full length LP
-Call To Arms- Received airplay in local market.

Set List

Someday Everything
Another Way
Only You
Call To Arms
Ska Tissue
Shudder To Think
Sarah Hates Less Than Jake
Where To Begin
Song For a Sunny Afternoon

Centerfold- J Geils Band
F*ck You- Cee Lo Green
Badfish- Sublime
El Scorcho- Weezer
Down- 311
You GIve Love A Bad Name- Bon Jovi

Requests can be made with one months notice.