Bad Lucas

Bad Lucas


If a young Sting, recently divorced from the Police, decided to make a Foo Fighters' record with the guys from Coldplay....


Rising from the ashes of a town ripe with post-punk and hippy jam bands, Bad Lucas has given new life to melodic pop/rock in the Northwest. With buttery smooth harmonies, elaborate bass and drum patterns, and even a Grammy-winning B3 player, their new album, Regards from Peoria, has reopened the passage between the head and the heart. God, what a cheesy line, but I'm sticking with it...
Hailing from some backwood community in Arkansas, Mark (bass) is surprisingly the biggest pop head of Bad Lucas. You should see his Elton John collection. Seriously.
The lone Northwest native, Rick (drums) is appropriately flavored with remnants of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. But that's only his "lighter" side. Tool, Mudvayne and Metallica can endlessly be heard in his periphery.
Ed, on the other hand, wats nothing more than to adopt a Newcastle accent, dye his hair blonde and learn the wondrous art of Tantra. Even though he was born & raised in the seedy underbelly of Phoenix, he has an elderly Welshman's heart. Somewhere in his freezer, I think. Ew.
Oh yeah, you thought I was gonna let that "Grammy-winning" comment alone, didn't ya? Not a chance, my friend. In the studio, Bad Lucas was graced with the presence one of the most talented musicians on the planet--Mr. Larry Knechtel. Go ahead, do a Google search-I dare you. One night, during a long tracking session, Larry came out of the booth after laying down some of the most inspiring B3 tracks known to man. Upon entering the control room. Larry subtly quipped to Ed, the principal songwriter, "those were some good changes in that song, Ed." After the smelling salts raised Ed from the floor, Larry just grabbed some more wine, and went back into the booth for more "gold". Good times.


2004--Balaam's Talking..... (EP)
2007--Regards from Peoria (Full-length)

Set List

Set is usually between 1 and 1.5 hours

You'll never Know
Everything & Nothing
Nova (New Socks)
For the Ride
My Bus
*Overkill--by Men at Work
the Drunk
Remains of You
Love Song
Regards from Peoria
For You