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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Alternative Pop




"Bad Lucy - Under The Radar"

I can't be everywhere at once and chances are with the number of albums I receive weekly, I can't catch all the ones I should. I have definitely shown up late for the show for Bad Lucy. I had started seeing their name on bills last spring, and after I see a band featured with other bands enough, I know there's got to e something to it. This is the case with Bad Lucy, and since catching them the first time, I've seen them every chance I can get. Their debut, self-titled EP was released last April, and it took me this long to get a hold of it and fall in love with it---to the poin that it has been on near daily rotation for over a month

It's clear that lead singer and songwriter J. Miller wears the influences of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams on his sleeve and has the talent and vision to back it up, not to mention Alex Kyhn and Alex Lee provide the perfect sonic backdrop. In five songs Bad Lucy creates an atmosphere evoking a desert perspective that calls upon classic story folk expressions ("Hallelujah"), alt. country imaginings ("Forward"), harrowing blues balladry ("The Only Thing"), alternative pop anthems ("Weather") and pure indie rock brilliance (the single-ready "Knife"). In a short time this has become one of my favorite bands to catch live. Be sure to check out their Bandcamp site where you can purchase the EP for only $5 and pick up the five song "Live At Hotel Cafe" EP for free, which features an amazing cover of Ryan Adams' "Come Pick me up." - Java Magazine AZ

"A Night with Bad Lucy - The Underground"

On this episode of Remnant X Radio's "The Underground" we will be previewing a cd from the band Bad Lucy! I was really impressed with their music and I hope that you enjoy it also! - RemnantXRadio

""Forward" in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade"

Our song “Forward” will be aired on national television to millions of viewers this week during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Tune in to NBC 9am-12pm (all time zones) & turn up the volume when you see a giant balloon monkey strapped with a jet-pack :)

In part, thanks to awesome fans like you, “Forward” was recently chosen to be the first track on a compilation record for Paul Frank. (Out today!)

PFI liked the song so much they asked if they could use it as the backing track for their portion of the Macy’s Parade.

So, to ring in their first year in the parade, the lovable Julius balloon will be drifting through downtown Manhattan, while our single “Forward,” loops over the loud speakers, and makes all the kids wanna dance. - Blog news

"Take Cover: Bad Lucy Covers Bob Dylan"

"Lay Lady Lay" is a classic Bob Dylan tune, even if it doesn't sound like classic Dylan. 'Ole Bobby D. claims his voice sounded different on Nashville Skyline because he quit smoking before recording. Magnet and Gemma Hayes' soft, orchestral take on the song appeared on the Mr. & Mrs. Smith soundtrack, and inspired Bad Lucy's version.

"It's actually pretty different than most of the other Magnet tunes. There's an orchestra on it and it's really arranged, but it was just so well done. It's a great tune, Bob Dylan's an awesome songwriter, obviously, so we went for it," says bassist Alex Kyhn.

"We used to have this problem of playing shows and not having enough material, so we learned a few covers and this was one of them," says singer and guitarist J. Miller, "Now we have the reverse problem where we play shows and we don't have enough time to play all of our songs, so this one fell off awhile ago and we're always like, 'let's play Lay Lady Lay,' and then it will be on a set list and we'll get cut short or something. We love to play it, especially in this setting with the upright [bass] and Rhodes.

Bad Lucy is scheduled to perform an unplugged showcase with The Alchemy Heart at The Roxy Lounge on Wednesday, June 27. - Phoenix New Times

"Bad Lucy EP"

The Internet is a magical place. A few nights back, I muted Bob “Olympus Interruptus” Costas and took a random gander at the live web feed of one of my favorite watering holes—Tempe, Arizona’s historic Tempe Tavern. A suitably vibrant crowd was on hand to revel in the music of some fine local bands. It was all good stuff, but one band stood out so much that I had to track them down. The band is called Bad Lucy, and their gorgeous, melodic songs and energetic live show blasted right through the off-kilter webcam and livestream hiccups—and into my heart. Shut up, I’m serious.

I immediately downloaded their record, and it was worth every one of my 495 pennies. Fans of The Shins, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, The Format, and fun. will find a lot to love about Bad Lucy’s self-titled five-song EP.

I’ve never met these guys, but according to their website, the project grew out of the solo work of the enigmatically-named J. Miller (guitar and lead vocals). Miller and bassist Alex Kyhn joined forces at a release party for Miller’s solo The Eventually EP; ace drummer Alex Lee eventually rounded out the new group. Originally just ‘J. Miller and band,’ the group took on a new moniker when an abandoned puppy turned up at one of their shows. According to their bio: “With only a muddy rope around her neck and no one to claim her, Miller took her home. She was dubbed Lucy, and as she terrorized the rehearsal space, she quickly became the band’s new muse.”

The lead-off track, “Forward” is as good as any guitar-pop song you’re going to hear this year. “I need you to move closer/close your eyes, count backwards from ten,” Miller sings, all urgency and sweet reverb. It’s a tough invitation to resist, and I didn’t. Hearing this live ear candy on the Tavern’s web feed is what convinced me these guys were for serious.

“Knife” picks up where “Forward” left off, with Miller’s strong vocals and lyrics and winning guitar work from Miller and guest Sam Lopez. “You tie up your time with your mind/I come along and cut free with my knife,” sings Miller, riding the harmonies skyward, free as a bird.

Freedom is a strong theme on Bad Lucy. Few bands would have the stones to even write a song called “Hallelujah” after the ubiquitous Leonard Cohen song became a worn down arrow in every singer-songwriter’s quiver (indeed my first fleeting impulse upon hearing this sparkling new original was “hallelujah it’s not a Leonard Cohen cover”) This one soars. In his heartfelt lyrics and yearning vocals, Mr. Miller seems to know what Mr. Cohen’s cold and broken protagonist may have forgotten: “Love swallows you whole but doesn’t break you apart/No diamond cuts hard as the truth in your heart/and tomorrow’s the day you will start the revolution, singing o hallelujah I’m free.”

We’ll stipulate that the Cohen song is an all-time classic, but it’s apples and oranges: This is the finest other song also named “Hallelujah” that you’re ever going to find, and with its rootsy heartland-gospel feel and irresistible harmonies, you’ll be singing along after one listen.

“Weather” finds Kyhn and Lee’s jazz influences and pro timing coming to the fore as Miller chalks up another winner in his uncanny streak of great singalong choruses. “The Only Thing” ends the set with a soulful blues worthy of fellow Arizona soul stalwarts Black Carl. It’s also a showcase for how tight Bad Lucy is as a unit, with Lee’s precision percussion and Kyhn’s fine basswork meshing perfectly with Miller’s urgent, aching vocal and spare, lonesome guitars.

The record sounds as contemporary as it gets, but the warm, organic production (produced by the reliably great Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording, with generous portions of vintage tube mojo, Hammond organ, and upright bass) is an analog lover’s dream. Hoag also does a masterful job on Miller’s vocals, capturing a level of feeling and nuance unusual on even the best pop records.

With great hooks, evocative lyrics, and gorgeous harmonies, Bad Lucy’s five-song EP is one of my favorite discoveries this year. I can’t wait to hear what they do next. And I owe it all to Bob Costas.

Bad Lucy’s website (and a list of upcoming shows) is at Bad Lucy’s EP is available at -

"Downtown Phoenix Street Fair"

Phoenix is taking the party to the streets with free food, free music and free swag from different vendors around the city to celebrate it's recent boom in business! So If your looking for some fun in the Phoenix area then you have to go to the Downtown Phoenix Street Party this Friday Oct. 14, 2011 at 11 - 2pm and celebrate!
The events signature band Bad Lucy will be playing original and cover songs throughout the celebration and they are no stranger to the downtown; in fact they filmed their music video "Forward" on the light rail and all around the town.
Bad Lucy is working on their new album set to release in 2012. In the meantime get more information about Bad Lucy on and all Sonoran Living lovers can find an exclusive free download of their song "Forward"
For more info about the Downtown Phoenix Street Party go to .
Get ready for a good time!

Read more: - ABC Channel 15 Phoenix

"Bad Lucy Release New Single, Set to Play Yucca Tap Room Tonight"

Phoenix alternative pop-rock trio Bad Lucy has been staying out of trouble by keeping a full schedule.
After making an appearance on Channel 15 and performing at Downtown Phoenix Street Party last week, the band recently unveiled a new radio single and are gearing up for a free show tonight at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe.

Before the show, singer J. Miller will appear on KWSS' The Morning Infidelity, where he'll talk about the new track, "The Only Thing," and some of the conversations he's had over the past couple of days while joining protesters at Occupy Phoenix.

What's new:
J. Miller: Well, we've actually been quite busy lately. Last Thursday, we did a quick segment on Channel 15 promoting our appearance in the Downtown Phoenix Street Party on Friday, October 15, where we played three solid hours of music in support of the downtown scene and the local businesses there. I'll be joining Beef Vegan of The Morning Infidelity to talk about "The Only Thing" and probably play "Celebrity Jeopardy" or something. Then we are playing with Radio Moscow and Tele Speak tomorrow night at Yucca Tap Room. The next show on our calendar is in November at The Roxy on Friday, November 4, with L.A.-based band [via the UK] Purple Melon and local band Banana Gun.

About the new moody single, "The Only Thing":
Moody is good for a song, right? Believe it or not, the first verse of that song came to me in a daydream four or five years ago when I was homeless in Boulder, Colorado.

I remember I was listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley and Townes Van Zandt at the time, so I don't think the blues influence came from the specific musical landscape I was traversing but more through my experiences during that period.

I have always gravitated to roots music and southern music though, maybe due in part to my upbringing. I was born about 40 miles outside of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, so maybe there's some eerie mystical connection between my birthplace and my love for southern roots music. Even though they were Brits, I was obsessed with Led Zeppelin in my teens because I loved how they could transition rhythm and blues to folk and then seamlessly ease into rock and roll and back again -- all with heart, balls and swagger.

Wilco is another band that does this very well. As a three-piece -- where all of us have very different backgrounds from jazz to folk, rock, and soul -- that sort of transformation just seems natural I guess. So when I first introduced this song to the band, it just kind of clicked. - Phoenix New Times

"Bad Lucy Explains "Forward""

The Morning Infidelity on KWSS 106.7 are hosting their first concert event where, "it's all about performance." Six bands will duke it out tonight at The Rogue Bar for stage supremacy in a winner-take-all battle of the bands (our own Christina Caldwell will be acting as a judge).
One of tonight's hopefuls is Phoenix pop/rock trio, Bad Lucy. Fresh off of a turn on the radio station last week, we caught up with front man J. Miller to talk about their track, "Forward."

"The song boils down to one idea: it is better to live with failure than the regret of never trying," Miller says.

"Forward is about seizing the present moment, and not living in the past," Miller says. "Lyrically I was trying to leave enough space for the listener to insert him or herself, and hopefully garner something by attaching themselves to the concept of moving forward ... in whatever capacity is most relevant to them where they presently sit."

"What you hear on the recording is what you get in a live performance, at least that's what Shorty and Beef Vegan said when we played it for them on The Morning Infidelity," he says. "But seriously, we pride ourselves on delivering the same quality of sound at our live shows."

If that's the case Bad Lucy just might have a leg up on the competition.

"As a band our influences are wide and varied, but we all share a love for any music that is performed with heart and soul," Miller explains. "As a songwriter, I draw on influences such as Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, and Neil Young, while Alex Kyhn and Alex Lee bring a mix of jazz and rock roots to the musical landscape. We strive to be a band that delivers equal parts finesse and intensity in our arrangements."

You can check out more of the band's sound by downloading their EP here and see what the fuss is all about at the show. - Phoenix New Times

"Bad Lucy on "Your Life A to Z""

See url below of Bad Lucy's performance on Phoenix local television - Phoenix - Channel 3


Still working on that hot first release.



The trio of J. Miller, Alex Kyhn and Alex Lee are an amalgamation of differing influences that meld into their unique style known for its nuance, use of space and surprising harmonies. J. Miller pulls heavily from his folk sensibilities when writing and performing, while bassist Alex Kyhn brings to the fold a mix of jazz and soul. Drummer Alex Lee’s marching and rock roots add the final layer.

Officially formed in March 2011, the band showcased their sounds on a self-titled release in May 2012. The debut, which was recorded live to tape, came on the heels of a year of highs for the band including the broadcast of their single “Forward” on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The song was also a “homegrown hit” on the local, Phoenix airwaves.

Known for “sounding just like the recording” during their live performances, the band often silences a room within minutes. A reviewer/blogger, that was first introduced to the band via a live stream, sums it up best: "The band is called Bad Lucy, and their gorgeous, melodic songs and energetic live show blasted right through the off-kilter webcam and livestream hiccups—and into my heart. Shut up, I’m serious."