Bad Man's Jam

Bad Man's Jam


Exploading outrageous Rock n Roll! That's what Bad Man's Jam is all about. A young hardworking band from Stockholm, Sweden.


Genre: Rock
Origin: Kalmar SWEDEN
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"Bad Man's Jam almost blew my head of when I first heard them! Young kids with a ton of talent, energy and desire. What are they feeding those guys in Sweden!"
- Tom Callahan, President / CEO Tom Callahan & Associates, Inc Los Angeles

A dirty sound composite with great arragements, an energy that's unbelievable
both on and off stage. They are getting fans when other bands can't stand a chance,
and we all know who they are, Bad Man's Jam.

It all started 2008, reluctance to step in line were expressed through the blew-out
speakers in the rehersal place in a Swedish small town. Agressive drums, heavy
basslines and guitars fighting against each-other between the unique vocals.

After a year full of succesful gigs and as the fan base kept growing bigger and bigger,
the time came to record some new songs. This resulted in the EP-album Set it off,
released in the late 2009. Set it off is produced by the band and contains seven tracks
of exploading, outrageous rock n roll.
With their strongest part, the live act, these guys are ready to hit big.

Get ready to meet Sweden's new rock sensation Bad Man's Jam.


Set it off EP-album

Available at iTunes, Spotify or Myspace.

Set List

Set it Off
It smells so good
Can't stop
Dopamine Release
Pain to the core
Better stop
Delightful debt
Cover me