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Boston, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Boston, MA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Best of 2017"

** Featured on Classic Rock Magazine's yearly "Best of the Year" compilation CD.

Do you remember when rock'n'roll was all about debauchery, sweat, black leather, smeared eyeliner, long hair, snarls, skull rings, excessive volume and doomed romances? Well, the aptly named Bad Marriage never forgot. In fact, they're still living it.

Bad Marriage is what mighta happened if GNR hadn't got distracted by dolphins and pianos back in 1991. They are quintessential classic rockers - all soaring guitars, thunderous drums and oozing charisma. - Classic Rock Magazine

"Steel Panther & Bad Marriage at House of Blues"

Eighties metal and classic rock are alive and well; if last Thursday night at the House of Blues is any evidence. Two bands with very different approaches performed old school rock n’ roll with ferocity and fun. As part of the 2018 Sun Set Strip Tour, Steel Panther and local heroes, Bad Marriage, performed to a full house with an enthusiastic audience who came to celebrate the music and good times of a not so innocent age.

It can be hard to reconcile the raunchy rock n’ roll lampoon metal of Steel Panther in todays ͞Me Too͟ era where language and behavior that offend sensibilities should be restrained or eliminated completely. If you have never seen a Steel Panther show you might be taken aback at first by the adult content and adolescent humor.

However, once you figure out what these guys are up to it’s hard not to enjoy their Spinal Tap approach to 80s Metal, their tongue in cheek humor, catchy songs, talent and energy. Initially a cover band, they started in the in the late 90’s under the name Metal Shop playing regular gigs on Sunset Strip at venues such as the legendary Viper Room and Key Club. Their lineup consists of vocalist Ralph Saenz (“Michael Starr”), drummer Darren Leader (“Stix Zadinia”), bassist Travis Haley (“Lexxi Foxx”), and guitarist Russ Parrish (“Satchel”).

Photo gallery of the whole night here.

Thursday’s show started out like a stand-up comedy routine that left some in attendance wondering if much music would be played at all. Guitarist Satchel launched into a long rant about his love for all things Boston, where his family now lives. He left no time in getting right into the dirty humor making jokes about some of the women in the front row and the bands off stage sexual conduct. Once the music started in earnest it was clear there is more to Steel Panther than a vaudeville routine. Michael Starr is a talented front man with an impressive vocal range. His parody of Ozzy Osborne was hilariously right on target; while Starr is more Diamond Dave than the Prince of Darkness. Regardless of the ridiculously silly lyrics and the shtick, Steel Panther songs are incredibly catchy and able to stand on their own next to any of the Metal classics they cover. Goin’ in the Back Door, Eyes of a Panther and Death to All but Metal stand out as some of the bands best and even outshined spot on covers by Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

Through the night there were plenty of call to ͞show us your t*ts͟ but the band showed some class and true nature at the end of the show when inviting the ladies in the audience to come up on stage. As the stage filled with young females dancing and gyrating to the music it looked like things were going to get wild but Starr never let things get X rated and even showed moments of real tenderness and restraint handling the crowd of wild women on stage.

Bad Marriage played a blistering 45-minute set of classic rocks. Appearance wise, this band looks like they stepped out of era of 80’s Steven Tyler, Slash or the LA Guns closet, sporting stylish classic rock apparel. Bad Marriage has the look down and they backed it up with an incredible, explosive performance. A late addition to Thursday nigh’ts bill, the band gave it everything they had. Cut from the very same cloth as some of the greatest rock bands that have ever graced a stage, Bad Marriage is destined for glory.

Bad Marriage has a big and bold sound that fit perfectly into the opening slot for Steel Panther, but the truth is this band should be all over the radio and playing BIG venues. Without trying to mimic any of his idols, Jon Paquin is the consummate lead singer with a great voice, vocal range and charisma. Mike Fitz on lead guitar plays big, fat chunky riffs right out of the AC/DC playbook and knows how to balance technique and raw guitar power. Guitarist Ian Haggerty is a perfect foil to Fitz building a furious rock n’ roll attitude and energy as the show progresses. Michael Delaney (Drums) and Todd Boisvert (Bass) keep the train rolling with plenty of bottom end and perfect timing. Everything about the band is direct and commanding. Original songs like Nay Sayin Blues, Long Way Down, Ms. Outrageous and the new Honey Bee are instant classics, pack a punch live and have huge radio potential.

Thursday’s set at the House of Blues was tight and energetic from start to finish. The only thing missing was a crowd that knew all their lyrics and could sing along. Let’s hope there are good things in store for Bad Marriage. They deserve all the success that comes their way. Bad Marriage will open for Puddle of Mud on July 13 at the Palladium in Worcester. - JD Cohen, Live Music News

"Bad Marriage, it Never Felt So Good!"

Bad Marriage, Bad Boys From Boston
Boston’s always had a rich music scene. No matter where you’re from you have heard of some of our biggest and brightest. Aerosmith, Boston, The Pixies, the Cars, The Dresden Dolls, The Lemonheads, The Del Fuego’s. I could go on but you get the idea. One thing that is lucky about living around here is getting to know the many bands that have the potential to hit that mark. That said; let me introduce you to Bad Marriage. A relatively new band, well 2 years in, Bad Marriage is making a big noise in the Boston scene and beyond.

Bad Marriage the band may have been around a short time but the band members are not newcomers to music by any means. The name of the band in a way is a “tip of the hat” to the learning curve that comes along with trying to grow a band to the next level. If you’re involved in your music scene and gotten to know many bands, at some point you’ll see a band falter as they are just about to make a break. The source of that stumble is usually mismatched expectations and commitment.

Why That Name?
It’s hard enough to make a living at music but at some point you have to say “I’m in this for the long haul” or “I have to think of my other commitments first”. For the members of Bad Marriage, having spent time in other bands and living through some of this it seemed like a bad relationship or a “Bad Marriage”… and so a name was born.

This time Bad Marriage has worked to craft a team that has the commitment, drive and skill. If you ever get to see a show you will understand just how good a job they have done. I have had the pleasure of seeing them a ton of times and each and every show is music & “stage presence” perfection. No matter the size of the stage and every show is better than the last. In all ways it has been an upward trajectory for this band.

While you’re reading about them you really need to go listen to their original music, check out Bad Marriage on Spotify. You’ll find some incredible original Boston Rock & Roll awaiting. Like any band they pay tribute to influences via covers and you’ll also find great versions of Steppenwolf, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy to name a few. Not just another rock band though, I call them “New Classic Rock”, it’s definitely old school Boston rock but more than that, if that makes any sense. In my humble opinion Boston is long overdue for the next explosion onto the national scene and to me Bad Marriage is it. Is there still anyone out there listening on the national level? If so hit these guys up!

A Bad Marriage show is just Rock & Roll Perfection. Bad Marriage brings you music & performance that will just reach out and punch you in the face. The original music has that something special. You’ll be hooked by their originals the first time your hear them

So who is Bad Marriage?

The players in Bad Marriage are Jon Paquin on vocals, Mike “Fitzy” Fitzmaurice on Guitar & Vocals, Ian Haggerty on Guitar, Todd Boisvert on Bass and Michael Delaney on Drums. Well-seasoned musicians all, I have had the pleasure of seeing them perform in Bad Marriage and other bands. What is key about this lineup is they all fit together like clockwork to create original music and an on-stage presence that will just floor you, always. The band is a great mix of personalities on and off stage. While you’re always getting to know someone, they all have just clicked from the start. With the wealth of great original music already out they have more than proven themselves and we all know there will be much more of it to come.

Listen to the originals and you’ll see…

The Sound & Style
As a band they are doing what comes naturally. As Jon says the writing process is an organic one. There’s no agenda in the music and they set out and write what comes naturally. No one said “Let’s write a rock album”. Jon & Fitzy just mesh on the writing process and new material flows like a stream of conciseness. Over the years they each have developed their own signature sounds and that has come together gloriously in Bad Marriage.

The band has its sound down and while Bad Marriage song styles do vary you know it’s a Bad Marriage tune. Take a listen to Queen of Despair and then Old School Stereo. Simply fabulous tunes that will blow you away, hardly the same style of music but you know who you’re listening to. Knowing this band’s catalogue of music I can attest to the awesomeness and talent that goes into each song.

Fitzy is a Rock & Roll Riff guy, growing up on Page, Perry, Slash & Angus young. Classic Rock/Hard Rock is his wheelhouse; Jon is a prolific singer and also a writer to the core. Jon is as much in love with the words as the music. Ian, Todd and Michael are kick ass rock’n rollers. This is who they are. No pretense.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town
OK, so why do I say this. Well as a fairly crusty student of the Boston music scene I’ve been around long enough to have seen some of the best to come out of Boston. Before I continue though I want to clarify, at times I will call Bad Marriage “The Next Aerosmith”. I do mean that but let me explain. I am not saying this band is an Aerosmith knock off.

Bad Marriage definitely has its own sound, style and energy. They are creating new and exciting original music and have the stage presence to back it up. What I am trying to convey here is that when Aerosmith hit the scene with their original’s there was an indescribable feel, electricity and excitement to it. I have seen plenty of bands since then. I am here to tell ya, Bad Marriage is giving me that same feel.

Getting Well Known In A Short Time
Bad Marriage is doing a great job in marketing themselves. These days getting heard, building excitement and landing growth opportunities are not easy tasks. Social Media is huge and they use it well. It’s a tough thing to build a band in any music scene, maybe even more so in the Boston area. Another thing they have going for them is experience and professionalism. Not egotistical, not burning bridges. Bad Marriage builds relationships and it has shown in some of the great exposure they have gotten.

In the last 12 months they have opened for Extreme, Steel Panther, Dokken, Buckcherry and Michael Schenker. They’ve also shared the stage with Airbourne, Scott Weiland, L.A. Guns, Eddie Money & John 5, all great opportunities to expose Bad Marriage to a wider audience. Bad Marriage is one of those bands that always give it their all.

Whether they are a one stage at one of their small home base venues, at the Worcester Palladium, opening for Extreme or at The house of Blues opening for Steel Panther the show is equally riveting and over the top.

A sign of their professionalism worth mentioning, recently they had their first gig at Laconia Motorcycle Week. Some folks in the band were heading up the night before to settle in. While on the road and almost at bike week they get the call from The House of Blues in Boston asking if they can open for Steel Panther. About 3 hours before the show mind you. Instant U-turn, phone calls from the road to get people in the loop and make it for opening

Bad Marriage is also keen to make sure they have their marketing ducks in a row. If you find a tune on YouTube or Spotify you’ll find plenty of other Bad Marriage music to help a newcomer get acquainted with the band. Not sure who does their artwork but they have some of the best merch around. Check out the Bad Marriage Website and click through to facebook and other outlets they use:

These guys are putting in the effort and it shows in being picked up by “Classic Rock Magazine” in the September & December issues. Their tune “Electric Emerald Eyes” was featured on the monthly CD included with the Magazine also. Bad Marriage has also worked with a top shelf video company, Red 13 Media to create some stunning videos. Red 13 Media creates MTV quality videos. Here, check out Old School Stereo. You’ll see what I mean. - Adam Signore,

"Bad Marriage at Thunder Road"

I was no fool walking into Thunder Road Saturday night, April 1. Thunder Road is a Rock and Roll club on Somerville Avenue near Union Square. With its stage and acoustics, this is as good a venue as the old and revered Johnny D’s.

Bad Marriage was playing. They are metal influenced band but they still did a bit of rhythm and blues. I say a bit because I walked in about midnight and they can only play until 12:45. What I did hear was electric.

The band, basic rock and roll – three guitars, a drummer and a lead singer – offered up a 15 minute rendition Jailbreak, which was enough to get me to write about them here.

I caught a lucky break seeing them. No foolin’. - Daniel Sullivan, The Somerville Times

"Bad Marriage at Middle East"

Local rockers Bad Marriage opened up with an equally satisfying and ball out rocking set of hard and classic rock songs that included both covers and originals. Watching the band you can’t help think of Aerosmith in their prime, with guitarist Mike Fitz doing his best Joe Perry. Lead singer Jon Paquin gave a loving shout-out to guitarist Glenn Tipton who this week announced his retirement from Judas Priest due to illness.

Formed in 2015 Bad Marriages’ new single “Electric Emerald Eyes” was featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s “Best of 2017. It’s hard to believe this band is currently unsigned. If you like quality classic heavy rock, Bad Marriage is not to be missed. They will perform next with Buckcherry on March 7th at Pinz in Kingston, MA. - JD Cohen, Live Music News


* Knock 3 More Times EP (2017)

* Queen of Despair LP (Fall 2018)



Emerging from the elite Boston music scene, Hard Rock quintet Bad Marriage began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2015, and since that time have amassed an enormous industry buzz throughout their scene and beyond. Since their inception, they have manifested into a versatile and multifaceted band with their own signature sound  and high-energy live show that never leaves a soul unhappy; and have no intention of slowing their momentum down anytime soon.

With a modernized musical twist reminiscent of the 80s & 90s hard rock-era, Bad Marriage have solidified a solid rock-infused chemistry with riffy guitar tones, a pounding rhythm section, and an unwavering vocal range with soaring melodies from the band's front man, Jonny P. Their style touches on many defining factors that carry weight in equal parts originality and familiarity, but also take influence from industry heavyweights including AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, and many others. 

Known for their high octane and captivating live shows, the band has already shared the stage with a vast array of notable names including Steel Panther, Buckcherry, Extreme, P.O.D, Puddle of Mudd, Eddie Money, Scott Weiland, Airbourne, Dokken, Michael Schenker Group, and several others. Their fan base and internet presence has generated the band an insatiable following and continues to spread like wild fire with every music hungry listener that discovers them and passes their name on.

In October 2017, the band dropped their debut EP 'Knock 3 More Times', which features fan favorite singles "Long Way Down" and their hit single "Old School Stereo", which is accompanied by a cinematically face-melting official music video that has already garnered over 40,000 plays. Recently, Bad Marriage was voted 'Best of the Year' (2017) by Classic Rock Magazine.

Bad Marriage is currently in the production stages of their highly-anticipated debut album "Queen of Despair", slated for release in November of 2018. Be sure to keep up with the band by connecting with them on their official website, social media, and music streaming platforms for News, Music, Tour Dates, Booking, Contact Info, and anything else related as the Boston rockers continue their winning streak.

Bad Marriage is:

Jonny P - Vocals

Fitzy - Lead Guitar

Michael Delaney - Drums

Todd Boisvert - Bass Guitar

Ian Haggerty - Rhythm Guitar

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