Bad Monday

Bad Monday

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Only one thing to say....ROCK'N'ROLL BABY !!!!


Formed in Montreal in April 2009 by Simon " Wild Rubio " Vendette, Guy Stevenson and Jeff " The Volt ", the group evolved without a drummer for almost six months. Period during which the songs were written like Rock'n'roll Crown Prince, Put the blame (on me) and Black love. They did auditioning only two drummers including Alain "Uncle G" Guilmette, who was retained because of his style and the gravity of his game. Bad Monday was created. Among the places where they played included the bar Le St-Laurent 2, which closed its doors shortly after the second show of the quartet, Club Soda and The National in competitions such as "Battle of the Bands". Among the most memorable performances, do not forget The Reggie's bar, Le Bistro de Paris, Le Saphir and the historic evening at Mont-Tremblant, where the group played the "set " a second time as a " encore ". Everyone agrees to say that the Bad Monday's intense live performance are what keep the rock alive. Bad Monday hit the studio in November 2010. Produced by Jocelyn Gagné, bass player in the Breastfeeders, a well known Montreal rock band, the album: Put The Blame (on me) rolled off the presses in February 2011. Bad Monday remains to this day an energetic and inspired group that honors the flame that we all carry: THE ROCK


self titled EP
Album : Put The Blame ( On Me ) release April 2011
we frequently play on many Montreal's university radio.
new EP schedule for April 2012..
new album schedule for fall 2012