Bad Motel
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Bad Motel

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While our repertoire is growning literally by the half-week, we have only a first demo EO at the moment. However, we are shooting to record a full 10 song album by mid-spring.



Two souls instilled with the artists mark wandered lost and listless on the dark highways of relocation, until one night they came together and formed the roots of something classic, aesthetic, yet unheard. They realized before they could go further, they needed another - the one in possession of the tools of unshakeable rhythm. The three congregated to form a familiar sound, yet one that has never been heard before. As they wove their web of creation, they discovered a treasure that rest in their gaze all the while. Up to the microphone stepped a girl who's voice inspired angels to rebel, and the devil to feel remorse. The four became one and wielded their inspiration like the guilded sword from God's own sheath. Together they created sincerity, honesty, and unity. Together they built the walls of Bad Motel.

We're relatively new on the scene, but we have an extremely solid sound, and our development seems to be unhaltered. We've played some very small time shows - parties and such (adult, not teen, in style), but we also have many shows lined up for the near future.

We are influenced by forces from Smashing Pumpkins to Radiohead, and from the Chili Peppers to Nirvana. It's a sound that everyone wants to submerge themselves in, while retaining a value that keeps us unique and interesting without fail.

This is because we jive well together. We are gracious people who seek coexistence, but demand individuality, and everyone we've worked with has commented on our open-mindedness and resonant clarity.