Bad Notes

Bad Notes

 New York City, New York, USA

A fun band that puts on a great show. An indie alternative band that everyone can enjoy. Great songwriting with alot of originality.


We're a band of friends who know what we want to hear. We take everything we love from all of our favorite artists and make our own type of music that we can say is ours. We play for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of performing, composing, and recording our own music. We understand that music is a constant learning process and we strive to progress our musicianship. Our music is not what you would expect to hear from a bunch of kids from the woods of New Jersey.


Exit 13

Written By: Bad Notes

Stacks don't smoke in the city lights
They don't reach the bay or the beach at night
Lets take a drive both me and you
To catch up with the waves and each other too
Let's stay tonight!
I think we just might...
Why don't we stay?
I was wish back home today...
The rain don't fall from the sunny sky
It don't reach the bay or the beach at night
Y'know in this light it brings me back
To my younger days on a faster track
Let's stay tonight!
I think we just might...
Why don't we stay?
I was wished back home today....

Paperbag Lovesong

Written By: Bad Notes

I kept my heart in a brown paper bag
Besides my lunch, and the times that we had
I'll always try to remember to forget
All the things I've lost and all that I kept
I can see you're tired by the look upon your face
But the partys just beginning and it's starting to get late
I can tell you all the things you ought to hear
With everything you've loved and all the things that you hold dear....
We'll be ALRIGHT!

Right or wrong isn't always cut and dry
You want to go? I don't know why?
I guess I'll go but y'know I'm coming back
With that hat still on my head, and my heart still in that bag......


Our first album is called "Not Even A Whisper" with songs:
1. Not Even A Whisper
2. Indieanna
3. Paper Bag Love Song
4. Kids in the Woods
5: Exit 13
6: Letters to Trish
7. East Meets West
8. The Picture
9. Sleepy Eyes

We are currently working on our second album stay tuned...

Set List

No More Horses
The Ongoing Tale of Chester Jester
Dramamine (Modest Mouse Cover)
Paperbag Lovesong
Kids in the Woods
Exit 13
East meets West
The Picture
Not Even a Whisper
We do covers by artists like Radiohead, Kings of Leon, The Shins, and Neil Young.