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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Band EDM Metal


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"BadNraD at the 7th St. Entry"

Hi friends

Great news!! BadNraD is playing his first ever show at the 7th Street Entry tomorrow night!! (Friday, July 9)

If you've seen him before, you know what to expect. If not, you're in for a real treat!! You've never seen anything like this! In addition to his awesome Zapp and Roger inspired tunes, he has a stage show that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between! - Music Party Lifestyle

"BadNraD CD Review"

I’m not a dancer and not one to curl up to computer music. Never a candy kid, never a club-hopper, always a head bobber and band watcher. What I’m getting at is that I have an electro-prejudice, and in spite of it BadNraD made me say “heck yes” more than I would have thought possible outside of a Georgio Moroder record. The cover alone is enough to assume this is intended to rock not druggy-hypnotize; more slasher horror than graphed-out nerdliness, showing BadNraD in a graveyard surrounded by zombies and Vampirella, bat in hand and gear underfoot, all late 80’s neon color and 50’s pulp.
To you ravers, clubbers, and dabblers: there will be dancing. There’s no shortage of stomp and pounce and arm-throwing. But this review is directed at the rockers…I think this album was secretly made for you. Ignoring the first song because it’d just be too easy (“This Is Rock & Roll”), take the zombie song. So low down dirty I need a bubble bath, ending in the metal shreddings that leather up the whole album. And the kicker: B’nR actually plays those guitar lines (on a guitar), and does it live. While some of my peers may kick it to the curb as soon as they hear that first oh-so-standard 4/4 bass boom, those who stick it out will get theirs, in the form of the two-and-a-half minute mark on “Dimension S.E.X.” (still not sure what the acronym stands for) and “This Is Rock ‘n Roll”, or 3:13 of the theme song. When listening to “The Things I’d Do To You”, just try not to think about the old wink-eye up-and-down to smile and walk home.
The mixing and matching of electronic genres confuses me and ceases to stop, song-to-song and/or section-to-section. An ADD candy jar of the electro world. You’ve got your drum and bass, your trance, chromed-out glamtron, Fischerspoonerisms, disco, funk, and on down the line, all whispering: “kick those hips you stuffy band geek.” So maybe, maybe, I will (probably not). BaDnraD is a haute-beat free record, meant to be played for enjoyment, not statement or pretense. Whether you rock the rock tee or the neon fanny pack (ahem, rad pack), this album is directed at your butt and the butt part of your brain. So get with it.

by Andrew Flanagan - Rift Magazine

"You scream, I scream, We all scream for BadNraD at the Entry"

I met Jake BadNraD on the set of Freaky Deeky, an MTN show to which he often provides the live musical accompaniment. There, he sits inconspicuously behind his keyboard while outrageous shenanigans of every description unfold around him. I wasn't sure exactly what his Friday midnight show at the 7th Street Entry would be like, but I wasn't surprised to learn that he brought some outrageous shenanigans with him—and the raucous crowd provided even more.

It was a relatively young crowd—the black Xs designating clubgoers under 21 were to be seen on many hands—but even when people say "I just don't have the energy I had when I was younger," they probably don't mean this kind of energy. The venue was about half full, and after a fun and sweaty opening set by New Orleans party people Jean-Eric that I unfortunately caught only the end of, the crowd started chanting for BadNraD to take the stage. When BadNraD fired up his laptop and strapped on a keytar, the audience pressed forward and threw their arms wildly in the air.

Mixing tracks, playing guitar, and singing with his trademark heavy vocorder effect, the artist—who turned 26 just the next day—worked his way through songs from his new self-titled album (sample song titles: "Zombie Bitchez," "Dimension S.E.X.") while a bevy of dancers worked the crowd in rave-worthy garb like pink skirts, camouflage suits, and a dinosaur costume. By the end of the set, they'd mimed their way through a human pageant including sex, death, betrayal, redemption, and road work. Visuals were provided by the Time Squid, who mixed, remixed, and re-remixed images captured in a video booth.

At the set's conclusion, BadNraD abandoned the mic and cued up a recording of his new summer jam, "Bad Girl." ("The first time I heard this song I made fun of it," local music buff Ben Clark tweeted last month, "but now I can't start my day without it.") Audience members had already swarmed the stage, and they danced and sang as BadNraD started to pack up his equipment, inconspicuous once again. - tcdailyplanet

"BadNraD, "Bad Girl""

Jake Sullivan is BadNraD is the Duke of Bodacia, and all three of them have deigned us ready for "Bad Girl," a song so summer it really should be called "Sand Convertible Patio Drinking T-Shirts." Wait that's dumb. I'm over thinking it. Don't over think it. - City Pages


If you’ve not heard of BadNraD, now’s the time! Appearing at shows throughout the Twin Cities, and in your girlfriends bed, BadNraD will be sure to seduce your mother with his ultra fresh booty bumpin’ basslines, and toe curling guitar licks! His super sexy electronic vocals make the hairs on your back stand on edge! BadNraD just released his music to the world of Itunes and Amazon! - Psychedelic Panda


BadNraD (self titled)



The year is 1984....

Born into the world wearing neon sunglasses and a pair of hightops, Jake Sullivan was raised on casio keyboards and cartoons. As he grew, so did his tastes for electronic music. Soon he was creating music that was undeniably radical! However, it wasn't until he learned to shred guitar and keytar that he truly became BADNRAD! Borrowing from multiple styles and genres, his music plays with a new realm of sonic possibilities. Utilizing dynamic song structuring and inherently catchy melodies, he weaves an aural spectral-gasm of electronic emotions ranging from fun and funky to deep down and dirty to sexy sc-fi cyberlicious to booming bad ass bass in your face! BNR is truly breaking new ground and will soon be melting faces near you! JOIN THE RAD REVOLUTION!!!

Watching a BNR live show is a mega-multi-sensory overload! BNR harnesses the power of his synths, guitar, keytar and talk box while utilizing video/lighting/dance master, Time Squid, to ensure every brain cell is tickled as you watch and listen. Together they team up with a cast of wild and rad characters who make their appearance on stage and interact with the crowd as the music takes the audience on an awesome aural adventure of astronomic proportions. Synchronized lighting and projected visuals heighten the level of seizure-inducing epileptic pleasure as well as set the stage for the bodacious beats blasting through the speakers