All I ever wanted for Christmas was P.J. Harvey crooning cowboy tunes on a dusty road. damn if Denver’s badpenny didn’t go and deliver. buzz magazine-12/6/05 Barrett’s voice heats you up like a hot toddy, with equal parts whiskey and honey & just a splash of lemon-acid. kaffeine buzz-10/28/05


we love what we do. if the 3 of us didn't make music, we'd probably die. sounds a little trite? well, we don't mean for it to, we just love to play.

one important show we put together ourselves in denver this year was a benefit show for RAAP. raap is denver's rape crisis center and we felt that since we have the ability to gather a large group of people together in one place at one time, well, we had a responsibility to use that for something more that just making ourselves happy.
we had a huge benefit that was funded by "band money" and showcased tons of great musicians and djs to raise cash for the center. it was a big hit, we raised over 5 grand for a local charity and did it with a very diverse show we assembled. we had everything from denver's biggest country band to local hip-hop heroes that toured with The Digital Underground. i guess that doesn't exactly say who our influences are or why we should play at SXSW, but it's who we are as a band and something we care about.


Half Way Gone

Written By: Sandeigh Barrett

how do you like this
dirty water
i noticed that you
jumped right in
i thought you said you
lost the number
i thought you said you
couldn't swim........

now you're half way gone
half way mine
half way gone

how do you like this
awkward silence
you know i think you
talk to much
so is this better
just saying nothing
straight to my stomach
a sucker punch

how do you like this
empty feeling
i think it's lasted
way too long
maybe i can
help you out dear
this situation
has gone wrong

Butterflies & Fairies

Written By: Sandeigh Barrett

my throat is gettin' tighter
can't get the words to come
so sorry i believed you

because you think your lovely
because you think your smart
so ugly words can't say it

so please get outta my car
i'm goin' to drive away
before i smash your face in

so wrong about you


2004 music for minimalists-EP
2005 Special Racer-LP
2006 cowboy vs. skeleton -EP

streaming play on clear channel (locals only section)
rotation on Locals Only KTCL-denver
rotation on KRFC fm - fort collins
rotation on KRCC fm - colorado springs

Set List

we have about 21 original songs, typically we play about a 45 minute set (we can certainly play longer, but figure folks might get tired of it if we go too long)

one typical set would include:

king solomon
month of sundays
half way gone
smokin' gun
butterflies & fairies
waste of time
atlantic city