Bad Veins

Bad Veins


A guitar and drums duo backed by Irene, a reel to reel tape machine with feelings and orchestral overtones. Behold.


It’s not often if ever that a band from the Midwest plays as little as 5 shows before finding themselves on stage at an event curated by one of New York City’s most well known day-to-day culture blogs. Benjamin Davis (vocals, guitar, synth) and Sebastien Schultz (drums) – the guys behind Cincinnati’s Bad Veins – were just as surprised as anybody else to find themselves performing at’s
Movable Hype show this past January.

The story began as a solo act, with Davis piecing together ideas he had swimming in his head in the wake of his former bands dissolution. He put down dense orchestral tracks that resonated with a fuzzy melancholy, and featured vocals sung through telephones and megaphones. Though he was making
headway recording material on his own, it became clear to Davis that he’d be short a pair of hands if he ever wanted to replicate the recordings on stage. Enter Schultz, a French born but American raised drummer that had just seen his own band call it quits.

Davis quickly found Schultz to be exactly what he needed. The latter’s impassioned drumming took the music to new heights, allowed Davis to kick his stodgy drum machine to the curb, and most importantly gave Bad Veins the opportunity to take the stage. Lucky breaks are few and far between on the musical landscape, but for Bad Veins they came upon theirs at their second ever show, when a band they were opening for stumbled upon their sound check. Upon hearing their supporting act warm up, Atlanta’s Snowden were instantly impressed. They traveled on to New York on tour and told stories to venue bookers, writers, and friends about this great new band they’d played with in Cincinnati. Before long opportunities sprung up for a few shows, and a couple of phone calls came in from record labels. Weeks later they were playing Brooklyn and Manhattan.

To date Bad Veins have played little more than a dozen shows, yet have already shared the stage with the likes of Snowden, Viva Voce, Silversun Pickups, Apples in Stereo, and O’ Death. When not playing shows the unsigned band is hard at work recording new material.


Untitled EP