Guilty as charged!...guitar hero solos, Zepplin-esque beats, back alley bass, bleeding heart singing, never overproduced, always seductive, THE REAL DEAL!...we pay homage to Blue Cheer, The Who, Queens of the Stone Age, Hendrix,...but the sound is our own. Raw Rock, all Roll, forever...and ever


The Badvibes are a rock'n'roll/blues power trio from Chicago. Formed at the infamous 657 Lake Street Loft on the west side of Chicago in 2003, the Badvibes are three guys from three different places, but with one giant itch to scratch. The Rock Itch!
Fleetwood Fontane, guitar/vocals, brings the blues influence of Albert King and the lyrical sensitivity of Steely Dan to the table. His guitar solos are something of a legend in some parts of the country, and even illegal in Utah! His lyrics are about towed cars, women from L.A., gypsies, and whiskey.
"Peachfuzz" Mason, named so because he still can't grow facial hair, is the band's super-solid "non-musician" bass player who, ironically enough, leads an off-the-cuff Hip-Hop group called the Champagne Brothers when not playing with the Badvibes. He has a tattoo of the words "Skinny For Life" across his stomach. 'Nuff said.
Eccentric and spastic drummer Jackie Webster is actually a wailing guitar player that fooled everyone in the band into thinking he's a drummer and in the process, became a drummer. He's come a long way since learning to play on the pots and pans, and that was just last year! His influences include Keith Moon, Jerry Springer, Judge Mathis, and his mom.
Combine these electric personalities with years of performing live, deep musical influences, and rock solid musicianship and KA-BOOM - a very memorable show, indeed...
Somewhere between the rawness of Wolfmother, the power of Queens of the Stone Age, and the swagger of the Stones, are the Badvibes. Put your hands together and stomp your feet!


Badvibes "You Know The Deal". Available on iTunes, at shows, and in local record stores.

We also have a recently produced EP used for promotional purposes.

Set List

We have about 30 songs we can play. Of those 25 are original and 5 are covers. The covers consist of two "Blue Cheer" songs, a Johnny Winter song, and 2 blues covers. Our set can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as 2 hours, depending on the slot. A typical set list is...Where's My Money, Jeff Beck, Andy's Song, Girl From L.A., Towed, The Sound, Hourglass, Driving South (cover), Babylon, Johnny Winter (cover), Sun Cycle, 90/94, White Knights, Busted, Why Not?...