Bad Vibrations

Bad Vibrations


"They sound like the "indie rock" bands of the early 90's, back when indie rock wasn't a four letter word that evoked the image of boring soulless music played by bands with 9 members minimum."


Bad Vibrations is a dark and hazy power trio from Halifax.

They are known for hypnotizing their crowd into blissful frenzies with their murky riffs, propulsive beats and angelic harmonies. If The Byrds decided to have a mystery jam with Motorhead this might be a similar vibe.

Last year they rocked the road in support of their critically acclaimed LP Black Train and are currently working on an EP to be released in the fall.


Bad Vibrations 'Black Train' LP

Bad Vibrations 'Bad Blood' Split Cassette

Bad Vibrations 'Under Pressure' 7"

Bad Vibrations (Self titled) EP

Set List

10 songs roughly in 30 min.

Losing Time
In My Mind
My Way
What If
Muddy Waters
Speed of Life