Bad Way

Bad Way


the lost bridge between the arena rock and the modern times.


normally a biography is what you have to say to sell yourself. But biography died the day the internet was born. Nowadays, people can know everything about you just looking to the internet. So, it's better that in biography instead of saying how good (or bad) we are, let's see what people said about Bad way:

"They seem to be called to fill an empty space in the music business". Ruben Mayoral, diari Avui.

"Match that attitude with the punk rock vibe of the music and the fact the songs are all of a very good quality means that fans finding their way to this disc are likely to be impressed." Andrew.

"The production is superb - Their singer has charisma and the songs got catchy choruses. What else do you need?". Dimitrios Fatouros. Metal-invader.

"Long live to the new kings of the Spanish rock!" Jairo.

"From zero to hero is a monster album!". Marco Antonio Romero. Cuantoyporqué


From Zero to Hero (cd) 2005
Dead Letters (cd) - March 2009