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Bad Weather California

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Denver, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Soul


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Don't take Bad Weather California's name literally. First of all, they're from Denver, as their distinct Southwestern jam-band flair reveals. Secondly, their musical forecast is far from dismal. Song titles like "It's My Country, Too" and "New Religion" send out the storm warning for a potentially heavy-handed treatment of the political folk tradition. Fortunately, bandleader Chris Adolf channels his American angst into clouds of rollicking electric licks and rousing Rhodes, then churns out cheeky optimism for a better world. A jubilant chorus echoes his sentiments in what sounds like the singalong that starts when the potluck ends. As such, much more apt meteorology can be found in their website headline: "sunshine and guitars." BWC's first album, Young Punks, will be released by Portland's own States Records this spring, so it's fitting that they join real-life young punks White Fang on their trip through town. MARANDA BISH
- Portland Mercury

"Beach House, Papercuts, Future of the Ghost, Bad Weather California @ Hi-Dive"

On the frigid, sloppy walk to the Hi-Dive, my friend John asked a question that had been renting some space in my mind of late. “When was the last time you saw a show that blew you away?” A good question, and not one that I thought would be answered as soon as I walked through the door on Saturday night.
Trying not to go overboard about Bad Weather California is going to be tough, but Jesus, way to steal the show as it’s just beginning. Chris Adolf and company played like a truly inspired rock band, no clicks and whistles, just straight up rock music. At this moment Bad Weather California are probably one of the best bands playing in Denver, and worth seeing any chance you get.

Picking up any of the energy that Bad Weather California left on the stage, Salt Lake City’s Future of the Ghost came out swinging. Much of the band's energy came from frontman Will Sartain who played like his body, and not his amp, was plugged into the wall. Using terms like “high energy,” and “rocking” would be easy, but also would be a disservice as there were so many elements at play. Future of the Ghost are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

At this point the night could’ve ended, and I would’ve been satisfied, but happily that was not to be. San Fransico’s Papercuts, which is a vehicle for songwriter Jason Quever, provided a nice transition from the earlier festivities to the sound that would close out the night. Combining the atmospherics of Sigur Ros, the Beach Boys, Papercuts filled the room with sound while Quever’s high falsetto floated like a ghost throughout the room.

Headliners Beach House have gotten a lot of press over the last two years. Alex Scally and Victoria LeGrand, create languid, ethereal pop music that sounds nostalgic, but somehow current. Live, the band was played a pleasant, if uneventful set. The band's slow fade to silence was a perfect end to the evening.

-- Jeremy Brashaw

Critic’s Notebook
Personal Bias: Not a fan of white jeans, even if you wear a rhinestone jacket to go with it.
Random Detail: Papercuts bassist Trevor Montgomery also records under the name Lazurus, and is worth checking out.
By the Way: Future of the Ghost singer Will Sartain is a dead ringer for indie legend Steve Albini. - Denver Westword

"Le Diamant Brut: Bad Weather California & Sad Accordions"

There’s definitely a jammy vibe to this Denver rock group. But, any hint of cliché that assignment brings is quickly shooed off the porch by Chris Adolf and company’s skill at creating appealing music that flirts with several genres like reggae, lo-fi folk and psych rock. From carefree to spooky, their music features instruments like the pedal steel and bells along with the occasional well-placed group chorus.

You can hear these voices rise up well into the tune “New Religion”, which feels like a call to peaceful pastures and an accepting lifestyle. They sing the words, “let’s start up a brand new religion/let’s start up a whole new cult” in such a sunny, welcoming way with organ, shakers and sing alongs that they’ll have all of us signing up to drink the Kook-Aid in no time.

Something Interesting: The band frequently receives glowing praise for their live shows, with people claiming Bad Weather California is one of the best bands they’ve seen. If you like their recordings and want a reason to take a summer trip to Denver, there’s no better time than the weekend of July 25th. That’s when the city opens up for its Underground Music Showcase, featuring a ton of bands you’ve never heard of but should. - The Austinist

"Top 10 bands in their own words"

For the ninth year, The Denver Post asked 85 local music experts to rank their top 20 bands in Colorado more deserving of mainstream recognition. Meet the Top 10, from Ian Cooke to Git Some, out of 307 bands receiving points, in their own words. Our package includes photos, videos and links for how to hear more of their music.

BWC is ranked #3 out of 307 bands. Only topped by part-time band mate and recent rounder records signer 'The wheel' and the classical genius Ian Cooke. Read more at: - The Denver Post

"Video Interview with Daniel Johnston and Bad Weather California"

Denver locals Bad Weather California -- with some help from friends Roger Green and Erin Roberts -- had a dream come true when, three days before the show, they were asked to be the backing band for Daniel Johnston. Of course they said yes. Here's an interview with the band and Johnston.
Video Below:
- Westword

"Thrasher magazine feature"

“Adolf crafts songs that you’ll still be singing as your crawl to your grave…”

See scan of print here: - THRASHER





“Great rehearsal guys! You guys remind me of the Grateful Dead!”
This is how the legendary Daniel Johnston described Denver’s Bad Weather California after their first rehearsal as Daniel’s backing band. The room backstage was stiff and quiet. BWC were all just trying to figure out how to interact with one of their heroes, a true legend. They weren’t sure what to make of Daniel’s comment. Was that a compliment or an insult?
Adam (guitars) finally got the nerve to ask, “So Daniel… Do you like the Grateful Dead?”
“Oh yeah! I love the Dead! I used to go see them in Texas all the time. There were so many people dancing! I just got one of their records…”

Here’s how we see it:
Woo Hoo! Ay yi yi! Bad Weather California's first full-length album Young Punks makes you hoot and holler! Young Punks is a celebration waiting to happen. Chris Adolf, Adam Baumeister, Joe Sampson, and Logan Corcoran are Denver's pied pipers clanging some kind of beautiful racket leading those who still believe in the power of rock and roll and reminding the rest about the power of letting loose. Young Punks is acid tinged boogie country punk. (WTF?) Adolf's lyrics bring forth imagery of utopian communes full of free spirits and idealist political imagery. It's a record of great optimism and wild humanism.

This is American music. Drawing on (perhaps channeling?) The Velvet Underground and post Beatles era John Lennon, Bad Weather California is both timeless and classic while somehow being, simultaneously, forward thinking and modern.
The fact that BWC has toured with artist ranging from The Dirty Projectors to the Lucky Dragons says a lot. BWC have shared bills with Doug Martsch (Built to Spill), The Microphones, Pictureplane, Scout Niblett, The Mountain Goats, David Dondero, YACHT… Fuck it. You get the picture. From the fragile Doug Martsch to the confrontational electronics of YACHT and Pictureplane, Bad Weather California always seems to make sense on a bill. This band is LOOSE!!! and will probably fit best with forefather weirdo rockers like the Flaming Lips, Daniel Johnston and The Modern Lovers, if they ever do fit anywhere at all.

“Adolf crafts songs that you’ll still be singing as your crawl to your grave…”

“(Bad Weather California) channels their American angst into clouds of rollicking electric licks and rousing Rhodes, then churns out cheeky optimism for a better world.”

“Bar none, the best acoustic act of the festival. Chris Adolf’s songs range from fun to downright haunting, but no matter what, you’ll be watching in rapt attention… Why isn’t this guy more famous?!" RETRO LOFI (live review – pop festival played with The Mountain Goats)

"...Trying not to go overboard about Bad Weather California is going to be tough, but Jesus, way to steal the show as it’s just beginning... At this moment Bad Weather California are probably one of the best bands playing in Denver, and worth seeing any chance you get." WESTWORD (live review - show played with Papercuts and Beach House)

“…Bad Weather California always creates an intense connection with their audience.”
DENVER POST (feature)