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The best kept secret in music


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"Bad Wizard's latest album is solid gold rock 'n' roll. Nail your loved ones to the floor (oh yeah) and let the Wiz's hurricane blow on through."
---Village Voice

"If you go see Bad wizard, here's some advice: stand in the back. Its better for your ears, as well as other parts of your body that you probably don't want damaged. Touring behind their latest disc, "Free & Easy, this New York-based band is as known for it's AC/DC-inspired, '78 Camaro-rock as it is for manic, over-the-top live shows that could leave you with a headache, as wel as - if you get to close to 'em - a bodyache."
---Fort Worth Star Telegram

"If Foghat is a dirty word to you, stop reading. If, however, you get misty-eyed remembering those lost legions of guitar-stoked, blue collar mettallic boogie bands from the '70s--think Deep purple, Hydra, Humble Pie--we have justt he album for you. On the new Sophisticated Mouth, Bad Wizard (the name's a bastardization of "Budweiser") serve up the sort of joyously lowbrow rock snooty critics would like you to forget ever existed. It's the sound that fueled thousands of suburban weekend brew-andbong bashes: guitars hammering out meaty riffs over a hyperactive rythm section, while a crazed singer shouts indecipherably about God-knows-what (although titles like "Soft, Warm and Wet" and "Black Chery provide a clue). For added authenticity, Bad Wizard even cover a Uriah Heep song. Aw, rawk on with your bad selves! A -."
---Entertainment Weekly

"That 70's band! Bad Wizard is like the cool hesher who smoked his way through college, blasting MC5 for primal freneticism and Motorhead for punked-out viscosity, but still lovingly clutching those scratchy vinyl copies of Back In Black and Kiss Alive! like sacred texts. Sophisticated Mouth is 30 minutes of hair-whippin' Camaro-rock that screams (quite literally) "C'mon everybody, rock 'n' roll party!" until the irony police give up and go bust up somebody else's fun. Despite plenty of balls-out, kick-out-the-jams fury, there's a thick layer of sludge (and mysterious pungent smoke) that brings these bad wizards dangerously close to stoner rock - but spastic machine-gun drumming says otherwise, as do Curtis Brown's impassioned yelps, which sound like Gene Simmons if he had spent his career spitting tobacco juice and sulfuric acid instead of stage blood. Plus, as the perfect two-and-a-half-minute denoument to the 28 minutes of chicken-grease-and-motor-oil rock 'n' roll debauchery, there's a Uriah Heep cover! Now you're messin with a son of a bitch."
--- CMJ New Music Report: November 4, 2002

" 'The idea was to make this record sexy,' says Curtis Brown, frontman for Brooklyn's Bad Wizard. 'My favorite records are Prince records, absolutely.' Wizard's second CD, Sophisticated Mouth, is closer to Deep Purple than Purple Rain; this Seventies-style stoner-rock band would sound at home on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack...Don't expect him to tone it down. 'You know,' Brown says, 'rock & roll has always been about sex.' "
---Rolling Stone

"If you took one shot of Lynyrd Skynyrd, one shot of Black Sabbath, and mixed them with a pint of Jack Daniel's, you'd get a taste of the sort of nasty guitar boogie Bad Wizard cranks out. In short, this is the soundtrack to the greatest, sleaziest bender you'll ever go on. Hangover sold separately."

"Musicians often play tongue in cheek homage to Sixties and Seventies garage punk and metal in order to be clever or funny. Then there's Bad Wizard. True retro-revivalists who sonically refresh."

"This New York City answer to the great Zen Guerilla make plenty of demands when it comes to making rock 'n' roll, but theirs are the demands of old. Their music, a throwback to the testosterone fueled, tight-in-the-crotch rock of the '70s, is all about the good times --a get drunk, get sweaty and get down kinda sound that would work as well riling up a biker bar on the outskirts of nowhere as it would pumping up a hip urban rock club."
---Alternative Press

"Bad Wizard's followup to 2001Ìs Free& Easy. The members of Bad Wizard put to shame many other bands who try to recreate the rock of the seventies ."
---New Yorker

"OK, LET'S GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT: Rock never died, so no one is going to "bring it back." And the genre's in good health (except for some of the people making it), so no snotty group's going to "save it." Hard, heavy bands have been around as long as bad kids with cheap acid have been swinging mikes, and when an act like Bad Wizard arrives, they're going be appreciated for keeping the party going, not resuscitating it. Like Zen Guerrilla before them, New York-via-Athens Bad Wizard delivers a wild sermon of rock 'n' soul, with raspy throated front man Curtis Brown leading the congregation on the bands sophomore release. Although Wizard's gospel style swells with beefy guitar solos, kamikaze drumming and husky calls to "Loosen Up!," Brown's not afraid to strip things down for the rock 'n' roll cause -- literally. The bold singer has been known to remove articles of clothing on stage before Bad Wizard begins to break a sweat, putting the cock back into cock rock at a recent Seattle show. Good rock is all about stripping away the costumes, the pretense and the bad shtick, so if the pants have to go too, so be it. Sophisticated Mouth mixes loud rock with a psychedelic groove, and Bad Wizard deliver it all straight and seedy, with a sound so live you can almost smell the perspiration and stale beer coating Brown's dirty laundry."
---The Paper

"Studied in the metal of yore, guitarists Tina gorin and Eddie Lynch avoid paradoying the past by revitalizing a torrent of deja vu riffs with wild-eyed energy. The twisting twin-lead on "Solid Gold" evokes thin Lizzy, while the lascivious black light groove on "Soft, Warm and Wet" suggests vintage Black Oak Arkansas. Custom van featuring barbarian mural sold separately."
---Guitar World
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FREE AND EASY-lp on teepee/rubric records.
SOPHISTICATED MOUTH-lp on teepee/rubric records.
# 1 TONIGHT-lp on howlerrecords- september 2004 release.


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alcoholic degenerates with a girl in the band to keep us honest.