Bagpipe an drum group ''Auli''

Bagpipe an drum group ''Auli''


‘’Auli’’ musicians themselves have named their music style “etnotrans” (ethnic trans) – implying an inspirational and powerful energy and active dialogue with the surrounding. Love for ancient Baltic culture and a creative approach of improvisation makes “Auli” music dynamic and multinational.


6 bagpipers and 3 drummers - came together in the spring of 2003, and their first performance occurred at the 750 year celebrations of the city of Liepâja on Latvia’s western coast. By the next performance – the world music festival, Vendene, in Cesis later that summer – the ensemble had gained the name Auïi. The word “Auli” has two meanings, both describing their music which is closely related with nature: sounds of galloping horses and bees. After a month came the first performance in Lithuania at the festival Menuo Jodaragis. And another month later the group played in the Baltijas Saule festival (Riga) dedicated to the unity of Balts. Concerts in Estonia – Tallinn and Tartu - followed and Auli concluded 2003 with a performance at the Folklore Award Ceremony.

Intense concert activity and growth of the ensemble began. Auli soon performed in front of a variety of audiences: For children in schools throughout Latvia, exploring the history of their instruments.

Latvian official state celebrations and city festivals: Liepaja, Ventspils, the Cesis 800 celebration, Sigulda, Valmiera, Valka, Aizpute, Livani, Riga.
Music festivals in Latvia: Baltijas saule, Roza peldbaseins, Bauzland, Porta world music festival, Vendene, the Baltic Medieval Festival
Lithuania: Menuo Jodaragis, Apuole, Kilkim Zaibu;
Estonia: Mutofest, Nomme Kevadfolk;
Poland: Czeremczina, Skrzyzowanie Kultur Warszawa
Russia: St Patrick’s day festival in St Petersbourg
China: The Star Live Concert Hall, Beijing.
Clubs: Depo, Tonuss, Fontaine Palace
Presentation of NATO summit 2007 logo, President palace, Riga

Projects of popular Latvian composers: Juris Kulakovs, Valts Puce, Martins Brauns, Zigmars Liepins, Raimonds Tiguls, Peteris Butans.

In 2008 Auli performed at the four-yearly Latvian Song and Dance Festival opening and gala concert (one of biggest musical events in Latvia) together with 12,000 singers.

Renowned documentary director Askolds Saulitis made the first video of the group, released in 2007.

Auli second CD Auïos… won the Recording Company’s Music Award for Best Contemporary Folk Music album in 2007.

Song Sendzirdeju received Author Rights Association Award as a most played folk tune arrangement in 2007. Currently the group is working on their third album.


''Auli'' has 2 albums:

(Lauska, 2007)

(Lauska, 2005)

Currently ''Auli'' are working on their 3rd CD, it will be prezented at the end of 2009.

Set List

Pretty rare in music nowdays, bagpipes and traditional drums should sound loud and powerful - good for big social celebrations, one would think. And so it happens – Auli’s music fits well at big social events, city festivals, national celebrations as well as in traditional music festivals and on stage together with rock groups and orchestra. The group has been invited to play at weddings and funerals too… By developing new techniques of playing drums and bagpipes together, Auli has expanded the possibilities of these instruments and created their own distinctive style. Influences from different styles including rock, metal, ethnotrance, medieval and world music can be heard in the group’s recordings and performances.