Bahner/Slick Duo

Bahner/Slick Duo

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Julie Slick, bassist of the Adrian Belew Power Trio, joins drummer Carl Bahner to create experimental prog rock jams. With intelligent improvisations and whimsical explorations, the duo pushes the limits of sonic possibility.


Julie Slick:

"Julie Slick began playing bass at age 11. In 1998, at age 12, she joined the Paul Green School of Rock Music and soon became the school’s first all-star bassist, ultimately leading to an appearance in the award-winning documentary, Rock School, as well as a role in several tracks on the movie’s soundtrack. By age 19, Julie had already performed across America and Europe with Frank Zappa alumni Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock, Jon Anderson of Yes, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Ann Wilson of Heart and Alice Cooper.

Julie’s big break came in 2006, when she was invited to become part of the Adrian Belew Power Trio."

- Jon Liebman, For Bass Players Only

She has toured around the globe with the ABPT since, and continues to play in many other projects around the Philly and NYC area, including the Bahner/Slick Duo, which was formed in May 2011.

The duo released their debut album "Live at Slick Sound Studios" in September 2011.

Carl Bahner:

"At the age when many drummers started banging on pots and pans, I was pounding out “chromatic reharmonizations” of my favorite nursery rhymes on a piano. My parents didn’t quite understand the raw emotion that was spewing out of my awkwardly large four-year-old hands, so they enrolled me in piano lessons.

Two decades and a few dozen instruments later, I found myself studying under heavyweights like Mark Guiliana, Ari Hoenig and Jim Black, as well as performing with many more top-notch musicians like Andrew D'Angelo, Pablo Batista, Damon Bennett, Julie Slick, Chuck Treece, David Ivory, and many more."

- Carl Bahner


Bahner/Slick Duo: "Live at Slick Sound Studios" Released September 2011.

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