Bailarico Sofisticado

Bailarico Sofisticado


Dance 'til morning to world music, rock'n'roll, new wave, punk, funk, soul, old tunes, new tunes.


DJ team

Members: Bruno Barros, Pedro Marques, Vitor Junqueira
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Bailarico Sofisticado (english: Sophisticated Popular Ball) begun spinning records in 1999 at Caixa Economica Operaria, an old ballroom in Lisboa. Those saturday night parties became legendary amongst those who attended it and soon enough the trio of DJs were playing at some of the best clubs around town. Everyone seemed to enjoy dance all night long to the otherwise unmixable genres like reggae, electronica or krautrock. Bailarico Sofisticado were proving that it worked, and they grew up stepping on this eclectic path, providing even more widening listening and partying experiences. World music, rock'n'roll, funk, disco, new wave, punk, old tunes, new tunes and anything Bruno, Pedro and Vitor, avid record collectors, carried along with them for each of those nights.

In 2004 and 2005, part of the Bailarico Sofisticado was invited by Carlos Seixas to play in the final DJ show by the beach at Festival de Musicas do Mundo de Sines (FMM Sines), the greatest and most famous world music festival in Portugal. Those two years served as a perfect warm-up for what would become Bailarico Sofisticado's best gigs ever. The following two years, 2006 and 2007, Bailarico Sofisticado played that same ending slot for FMM Sines. These beautiful nights by the beach (as a matter of fact, these beautiful dawns by the beach would be more appropriate) were to have thousands of people dancing to the balkan gypsie fanfarres, the african vibes, the jamaican rythms, the english ska revival, the banghra pop and all other sort of dance-fueled tracks that Bailarico Sofisticado spinned on till the sun was rising high. Attendances would be tired, after a week (and even more) long festival, after wild gigs during those last nights like the ones from Femi Kuti, Konono no. 1, Ivo Papasov, Gogol Bordello or Senor Coconut, but yet they could still find enough reserve of energy to dance until morning with the Bailarico Sofisticado. Meanwhile, due to the success obtained in Sines, Bailarico Sofisticado went to play at two other world music festivals, once more as the ending slot in the bill. This was the case of the Viseu festival in 2007 or the Musicas do Mar, in Povoa de Varzim, the same year.

In 2008, in the eve of Bailarico Sofisticado's tenth anniversary, Bruno, Pedro and Vitor think pretty much about the same as they did back then about what they do every night they gather for spinning records round. They want to have fun, they want people to have fun, should they be playing at the local bar or at the ending night of a huge festival. Secondly, crossing borders in musical genres is a binding rule for each night. Those are two major guidelines under Bailarico Sofisticado's work. And if this was the Bailarico for the past nine years, this will surely be the Bailarico for the next to come. And they want to try it outside their country's borders.

The MP3s included in the audio files section are not a live set recording. It's just a couple of two quick mixes (a bunch of songs in a few minutes) recorded at home to illustrate the eclectical way of Bailarico Sofisticado.



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