Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, GRC

“Balkan sounds, gypsy melodies, punk breeze in music that doesn’t let you
keep your feet on the ground…”


Baildsa is a group based in Thessaloniki, Greece that combines balkan sounds and gypsy melodies with post punk aesthetic.
The name comes from the turkish word bayilmak (= to faint), which is widely used in villages in the balkans also with similar meanings as fed up, sick of etc. The original idea came in 2007 by Thanos and Yiannis Gountanos, soon formed the group and a year later started the first concerts. Since then Baildsa appear with fury at festivals, music halls, bars, venues, streets with excess energy and power, without teeth. The style of the band has progressively modified grafting new elements from ska, reggae, rap in the already existing balkan gypsy punk background. Their first CD “United States of Balkans” was released in October 2011.


"United States of Balkans", October 2011