Bailey Judd

Bailey Judd

 Goulburn, New South Wales, AUS

Baileys music is straight from the imagination of an 11 year old boy, the words tell a story and puts the pictures of an 11 year old in your head.
His live shows are full of energy and life as he puts his all into it. It will amaze the crowd with talent that of a guitarist three times his age.


Bailey's main influence was from a computer game called "Guitar Hero". He loved the music on it and everyone had a good time playing it, but he could never win at it.
When walking through a department store at the age of 9, he saw a small electric guitar, he had his birthday money that he had been saving for around 6 months but still $20 short, I told him to get something different but he was adamant he wanted that guitar, so I gave him the $20.
When he got home he played and played, it sound bad very bad. he looked on the internet how to play a cord, then learnt how to read guitar tabs. He ordered the book of sheet music for guitar hero tought himself how to play them and started busking on the street at age 10.
He got asked to play a few pub gig and at the Australian Blues Festival. He has been playing at pubs and clubs and he plays support act for other rock bands, and still loves to busk on the street.


Bailey has made 2 CD's of his own music (he has done the words and all the music himself)
Bailey is getting two of his songs professionally recorded and mastered and should be finished by the end of October 2010.
Bailey has not had airplay on his music as yet, but has had two radio interview's about his music and talent ( 1368 2GN Goulburn and 666 ACT Canberra)