Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Melodic, Rockin' Heavyweights. Combines all that is edgy and fierce with splendid vocals. Unrelenting, formidable, and potent are just some of the words that describes Bait's sound. You'll be humming the melodies, but with attitude!


After paying dues in the Tulsa music scene the boys of Bait are now a bankable name. Numerous articles in the Tulsa world, increased airplay, talks with film and television companies, anticipation of their upcoming release, a still talked about performance at Dfest, opening for Hurt & Course of Nature and
kicking off Metallica festivities are just a few recent highlights.

All of these accomplishments pale in comparison to Bait's blossoming fan base. People seem to be coming out of the woodworks in support of Tulsa's premier hard rock act. Bait's social network friend count is through the roof. Their fan base spans the globe and everyday finds new people discovering this bands unique voice.

If you haven't heard of Bait, then welcome, you will not be disappointed. Jump on the band wagon now. It is so nice to be able to say, "I knew them when...".

*10,000+ Social Network Fans
*1000+ Monthly Home Site Hits From Over 25 Countries



Written By: Bait


I walk alone
through these days of gray
You don’t see me know
and I’m lost in the haze
I cry aloud
but it’s nothing worth your day
Disaster is coming round
and my time is waining

Oh it’s waining
Can you see me?

I stand alone
in these shadows
i must stay
you don’t know me well
and I feel myself fade
You walk right by
caught up in your own affairs
my crys are louder now
but the skys are raining

Oh its raining Oh

I tried and tried
but your eyes they just hide
and my world fades away more and more

the sounds of my screams
they return to me void

(can you hear me)

and the sky fades away all the more

Blinded and stumbling now
in this maze I’ve made
Don’t know what’s in the cards
but it all seems so vague
Darkness becomes my bed
and the shroud where I lay my head
everyone steps over me
and Im left for dead

Fading... I’m fading

Can you see me?
Can you hear me? (repeat)

Ballad Unknown

Written By: Bait

Ballad Unknown

Shifting sands are
tripping me up
my thoughts of lately
don’t seem to add up
they are
misguided and running amuck on
where this
is going
and what’s up ahead for me

And the unknown
it plagues me
and it swallows me up in doubt
my focus is shattered
and my courage is cast about

In all this I wonder
where my mind
lost its touch
the truth is
worry puts me
out in the cold

I’m missing the moment
when I made my mind up
to follow my dreams and
never to give up
but the future
it beckons
for me to make a move
to a place
I’ve not seen
and It’s hard to take that step

Imagination spent
to center on this bane
is wasted and
I’m left with nothing
more than complications
I can’t see through
can’t get my hands around this threat

And the unknown
it plagues me
and it swallows me up in doubt
my focus is shattered
and my courage is cast about

In all this I wonder
where my mind
lost its touch
the truth is
worry puts me
out in the cold


Written By: Bait


You gotta know
Which way your goin this time
you gotta show
your cards face up on the table this time
no space to blow
off that still small voice inside
its now to grow
all those dreams you’ve failed to try

Live in the now
stop puttin obstacles in your way
Don’t break your vow
to really do something with yourself someday
so on and on it goes
visions and dreams are here to stay
Young man get up and go
the time is now voice for today

The Truth’s
Inside of you (2x)
what’ll you do (2x)
(you got nothing to prove)

instrumental to break

It’s not what you know
sometimes the facts get in the way
just keep the flow
and drop the past it cannot play
break up the show
its not about ego today
its bigger than you know
what’s inside is takin the stage


Why do you think
its all about you
the truth is out there
wether or not you want it to

Lifting you, all because


Chorus to end


Cåin/dis/åble - 2004
Son Machine Records

The Blacklisted Compilation Volume I - 2005
Neviah Nevi Records

Traitor Odium Anthology: Volume 1 Pull The Trigger - 2006
Son Machine Records. The single, "Gone" has received airplay on more than 30 college stations on the east coast.

Traitor Odium Anthology: Volume 2 Velocity Atrocity - 2008
Son Machine Records. All songs on this disc are getting airplay, but the single "Ballad Unknown" is receiving the most with last count at over 50 stations!

Single Remake: "Girl You Know It's True" Release Date -
Fall 2010

Traitor Odium Anthology: Volume 3 Recoil - Release Date -
Fall 2010

Z104.5's Homegroan Compilation - 2008
Z104.5 Records

Live At The Cain's Ballroom EP - 2008
Son Machine Records

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Set List


Ballad Unknown
417 & One Half
Burn Away
Follow Me
From Myself
Crash Program
Don’t Run From Me

Cover Tunes:
Performed at the request of the promoter. Bait currently has over 200 cover songs ready for performance. The list covers the gambit of hard rock to metal with artist like; Metallica, Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns -n- Roses, Rage Against The Machine, Velvet Revolver, Alice In Chains, etc.