Bait & Switch

Bait & Switch


Bait and Switch take the rock elements of a Swami records band like the Marked men, combining them with a touch and go records brand of odd time signatures you might notice in a band like the Jesus Lizard. The members have been playing in touring bands for years, so the live shows are a good time


We've been in bands since the 90's. We've played every kind of show, from mainstream concert to basement party. We've played with bands like Helmet and NOFX locally and on the road. Basically, we know how to rock and we know how to have fun doing it!


We are currently working on our first release as Bait and Switch. Samples of our work can be found on our Myspace site:

Set List

Our set for a rock show is generally between 30 - 40 minutes. We play all original songs. Our last set was:

Minor Destruction
Earth to Jimmy
Thanks for your Input
Inside the Box
Who's in charge?
Thumbs up to profitable lies