Bajo Cero

Bajo Cero


Are you afraid of the wolves and polar bears? From these fighting conditions at the Polar Circle comes WorldFlamencoFusion band Bajo Cero. We are Finnish but we sing in Spanish, how awkward is that! As awkward as fighting the wolves with our music. Spanish rap meets Finnish folk music meets Rock!


Bajo Cero is a musical manifest. A manifest of sharing joy and sorrow - where ever, whenever, in good company. Founded in 2002, this determinate group has based its camp in Oulu, Finland, but regards the whole world as its home.

This flamenco caravan, enriched with dance, has travelled across the face of Finland, in all four points of the compass (and mostly in compás). In the multi-coloured sound of Bajo Cero, you can hear not only the integrity towards the flamenco background of the band, but also integrity towards the will to experiment. Making their way, the group has not lost their own roots, which lie deep in a shared joy of making music. On their gigs, the group has noticed this joy being of a contagious type. The music gives room to live around it and those who feel the urge to get up and dance are allowed to do so. But there is always room for those who wish to enjoy and simply chew their music slowly with deep thought.